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It is a 30 year old Company dedicated to the distribution of natural products in Colombia, they offer 200 references of products including almond, mani, cranberry, honey, oats, mix, plum, walnut, coconut pistachio, raisins, cereals, nuts, soymilk and pistachios. The company distributes natural products for institutional clients and also for retail. They import bulk quantities and also buy them locally and pack them in smaller presentations. They have 1500 clients in different regions of Colombia, none of them is representative in the Pareto of sales, they import 60% of the products sold. During the last year the company grew 36% in sales and has an adjusted EBITDA margin of 15.7% (approximately US $ 750,000).

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Acqua is a leading Italian designer, producer and distributor of ceramic sanitaryware. The shareholders are interested in selling a majority stake of the company to a financial or industrial partner that brings financial strength and, possibly, international commercial capabilities to support the growth of the company abroad, as well as acquisitions of other companies in the same sector. The sale of additional equity to the new investor after 3-5 years, even up to 100% of it, is open to negotiation but not required. One of the shareholders is an internationally known expert of the industry and eager to remain in the company to sustain the process of buying out other Italian companies, in the wake of the consolidation of the sector, as well as in optimizing the merge and in revamping the acquired companies, where necessary. Acqua has a 20 Mil euros revenue with a 11% EBITDA Margin and a positive NFP.

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Oportunistic buy side mandate of a Spanish Fund interested in taking control or acquiring companies in distressed situations, including companies in a pre-insolvency stage. Targets will have minimum revenues of 5.0 mill € in any industry, with the exception of real estate and financial companies.

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Sell side mandate of a highly profitable Spanish company which, as its core business, organizes events on a turnkey basis. The events range from concerts and entertainment activities to corporate events, such as conferences, symposiums, and press conferences. In 2015, the company had revenues of 6M€ and a 28% EBITDA. The two main shareholders, whom hold a combined 80% share, are looking to engage in new activities, although one of the two will consider keeping a minority share and continuing with the company.

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German Venture Capital fund seeking to invest with preference in industrial companies with billing ranges between euros 20 million and euros 100 million, which have been spun off from major industrial groups, or family companies with succession problems. They seek for companies with a weak P&L but not excesive debt. The fund managers are actively involved in the management of the acquired company in order to turnaround it and stimulate growth. They are not focused in financial recapitalization and then they are not interested in companies under insolvency protection. His core interest countries are German and France and in second place Spain/Portugal and Italy.They are open to consider oportunistic opportunities in other European countries but they not consider invest outside this area.

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