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Simón, an authentic M&A expert

I began my professional career by working in the sector itself, in a role related to General Administration and Finance, during which I also had my own company in product importation and commercialization. However, my dream was always working in the M&A world, a passion that awakened in me while working toward my Master’s in Finance and was living in Bogotá. This was when I decided to start my own company and dedicate myself part-time to teaching. In the last few years, I have participated in various administration boards as an external member, where I have gained invaluable experience and developed a successful career as an M&A adviser. In 2016, I joined ONEtoONE to to give a much more global reach to my deals.

The global network of ONEtoONE

What I like the most about working at ONEtoONE is the feeling of support I receive from my colleagues and fellow international partners. Having more than 100 professionals who are M&A specialists all over the world allows us to feed from each other’s experience and wide network of contacts. Technologically, I am convinced that we are pioneers; we have an information system that is unique to lead deals in a way that is more organized, efficient, and practical. Everyone in the team has professional qualities that are incredible from any point of view.

M&A in Colombia and prominent operations

My base is Medellín, where we have our headquarters, but from there, we attend to all of the country, especially to Bogotá. I personally develop many projects in the food sector, but there are other sectors that I enjoy profoundly, like IT and telecommunications. Currently, we are buying two companies in Mexico in the food industry, selling a natural foods distribution company in Colombia, capitalizing a meat processing plant, and negotiating various important operations for the upcoming year in sectors such as telecommunications, IT, distribution, and fabrication. We are constantly valuing companies; it is our passion, and we collaborate with many colleagues on a local and international level who are executing their own M&A deals.


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