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Troviamo l’investitore disposto a pagare il massimo per il Vostro business

Ci sono più di 120 milioni di business, più di 8.000 Fondi di Private Equity e più di 50.000 Family Office che acquistano aziende. Sapete dove trovare questi investitori? Come contattarli? Che tipo di documenti hanno bisogno? Come identificare il miglior investitore? Chi è disposto a pagare il maggior prezzo? ONEtoONE è leader nell’identificare e nel negoziare con il miglior investitore, che abbia la capacità di comprare e l’interesse per pagare il massimo per la vostra azienda. Se, invece, volete acquistare un’attività, vi troviamo la migliore opportunità sul mercato.

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Il Team di ONEtoONE

100% proiettati al raggiungimento dei vostri obiettivi

Il Team di ONEtoONE ha una vasta esperienza e può contare su risorse per analisi e ricerche difficilmente accessibili agli altri advisor. Grazie alla combinazione di conoscenza, esperienza, metodologia e tecnologia, ONEtoONE è attualmente l’advisor più indicato per affiancarti nella vendita o nell’acquisto del business.


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Troviamo I migliori investitori

Trovare il giusto investitore non è cosa facile, ma ancora più difficile è identificare coloro in grado di pagare il massimo per il vostro business e metterli in competizione tra di loro. Questa è la nostra specialità. I nostri consulenti hanno accesso ai più importanti investitori internazionali? Hanno uffici nelle principali capitali?

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ONEtoONE has worked in more than 1000 M&A assignments on a worldwide basis, acquiring invaluable experience which can be applied to your transaction. Do you know why they trusted us?


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Do you know what a teaser or an info memo are? Are terms you should know if you want to sell your business in a structured and professional process

  • When you lie selling your business

    Every buyer needs to know a company’s real situation via an auditing process and it is vital that this process covers the financial aspects as well as the legal aspects, labor aspects, etc. We are talking about the due diligence process that any sensible person will complete before buying a company. Traditionally, due diligence is […]

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    Beware of the buyer who attacks your advisor

    If you sell a business, I warn you that buyers know that advisors play a very relevant role for the seller and there are some who will try to bypass them and speak directly to the company owner. This way, they manage to get as much information as they think useful or they even manage […]

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  • Your kids (milenials) don´t want your business, they want your money

    A business owner should understand and accept that his or her children may want to pursue different careers rather than following in their footsteps. Sometimes it is the own business owner who sees that his or her kids are not prepared to assume the responsibility and encourages them to look for a job that suits […]

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    Many business owners decide to go from sucess to significance

    Feeling a sense of social responsibility is a common reason to sell your business when you still have energy to do other things that might be significant. This could mean dedicating the rest of your time to an NGO, buying another socially responsible company, getting involved in public service, or simply dedicating more time to […]

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    How do I get my employees to change?

    Change is not a matter of time, it´s a matter of commitment. If you want to provoke change, create a proper culture. Instead of taking control, give it away. In order for you to create a proper culture you must reduce control systems. Control is achieved when people control themselves. Don´t give orders, but ask […]

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