Do you have a reason to sell your company?


Deciding whether or not to sell a business is one of the most important decisions a business owner will make, professionally and personally.

We want to find out what your reason is and what motivates you to make the leap and commit to selling your business. If you would like to know more about others in your position, we have created a study that illustrates the 15 most common reasons business owners like you chose to sell their business.

It is crucial to be prepared for when the time comes to sell your business. Without the proper preparation and planning, the chances of your company finding a suitable buyer who is willing to pay a premium price decrease immensely which in the end results in a poor sale and loss of profits. The main issues we see with situations like these include not having any type of transition plan, a lack of a competent successor, family difficulties, issues between the partners, and insufficient capital or finances to operate. After years of hard work and dedication, ensuring a successful transition for your company should be a top priority.

At ONEtoONE, we want to hear from you and learn what your specific reasons are regarding the sale of your company. Our goal is to use our experience to benefit you and ensure that you have a successful and profitable experience.

Click on the link to download the study from ONEtoONE that outlines the 15 most common reasons business owners like you choose to sell their business.

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