The 10 Most Common Obstacles When Buying a Company

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Confucius, the Chinese social philosopher whose teachings deeply influenced East Asian life and thought, once said, “If you make a mistake and do not correct it, this is called a mistake.” This cannot be further from the truth when it comes to buying a company. Here are 10 of the most common mistakes that become […]

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The Company, or the business?

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Are you thinking about buying that company that you love? You have already decided and you have succeeded in advancing a few steps in the buying/selling process with the owner of the company. However, you are confronted with one of the most complicated problems of the operation: the seller’s understanding of the inequality that exists […]

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70% of the value of a company lies in finding the suitable buyer

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Many business owners will sell to the first buyer without taking into account other potential buyers. When selling your business it is important to ask questions specific questions. Is this the best buyer? Is he the one that can pay the most for the business? Business owners often rely on a lawyer or an auditor […]

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There is no magic recipe for successful negotiations with potential investors, but ten key points will help you to get closer to your goals. If you want to negotiate like an expert: 1. Understand what you really want and what your aspirations are. Goals give you direction but clear expectations will give you the strength […]

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Now is the Time to Sell Your Business

It may have taken you a lifetime or even generations to create substantial value in your business, but with the right planning and advice it may take only a year or two to double that value. Succession issues, retirement, technology, globalism, scale, etc. are all viable reasons to be thinking about selling your business. But […]