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Sell side mandate of a company dedicated to the design, development and assembly of packaging and palletizing systems that are installed in the final sections of the production lines. Initially focused on supplying equipment to the dairy industry, it is now able to serve all types of liquid and solid foods, meat, fish, poultry and vegetables and in a second phase, expand to other products of large consumption.

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Sell side mandate for a company dedicated to providing services regarding product placement, promotional logistics, point-of-sale management, etc.

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Sale of two plots of land in Algeciras, Cádiz and Tordesillas, Valladolid

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Buy-side mandate for several operations regarding the acquisition of real estate assets in special situations.

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Oportunistic buy side mandate of a Spanish Fund interested in taking control or acquiring companies in distressed situations, including companies in a pre-insolvency stage. Targets will have minimum revenues of 5.0 mill € in any industry, with the exception of real estate and financial companies.

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