Fine Fragrances

The Company develops, produces and distributes perfumes. The Company realizes about 9 M€ sales for more than 20% EBITDA. Now the loan contracted for the original acquisition is about to be totally refunded and The COmpany founder with whom I kept excellent relationships though I was at that time advisor on the Seller’s side would like to proceed now to the acquisition of a new perfume brand, meaning masstige and entry of the selective market, not in mass market. The target company should operate one or several brands and be based in Europe. It should have an enterprise value from 5 M€ to 20 M€, above 12 M€ my client will have to proceed to a capital increase which should not be a problem. The success fees are 2.5% of the target sales (3% below 10 M€), retainer of 10,000 euros. Minimum fees are 200,000 euros for a target below 6 M€ sales and 300,000 euros above.

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