What stage of the operation are we at? Are there any interested parties? Who are they?

Clarity allows you to have access to your mandate, injecting transparency into the transaction process. Clarity provides an easy to use platform, for accessing documentation detailing our process, as well as communicating with the potential investors that we have engaged. We want you to be part in every step of the operation. Our goal is total transparency.



Our goal is to provide total transparency to our clients. Clarity has been designed to be accessed from any device. This allows you to  have up-to-date detail regarding our operation, without the need for constant meeting or conference calls.

Clarity is held to the highest standards of confidentiality. Being transparent and confidential may seem like contrasting goals, however, Clarity only allows our client to access information relevant to his/her company. We are a transparent company, and believe our clients have a right to take part in every stage of the process, without compromising the confidentiality of their mandate with us.

Only the client has access to the information relevant to his/her company. We are a transparent company and we believe that our clients should take part in every stage of the process.


Clarity grants you direct access to the team in charge of your mandate. The app allows you to post comments next to the companies or investors that have been contacted, as well as see their responses. With Clarity, you are in control of who we contact and the negotiation stage. We believe that it is your company, and consequently, you should be involved in each step along the way.




In addition to Clarity, ONEtoONE also provides you with a “Virtual Data Room.” Once the client agrees to the Binding Offer, this room provides them with further information, regarding the mandate. For buyers, this data room gives them access to detailed inormation about the company they wish to purchase, creating a more informed investor.

The Virtual Data Room prohibits the user from printing information and manages what, when, and how the information is downloaded. Thiss assures the confidentiality of the process by preventing information leaks.

This Data Room allows our team and our client access to all the documental process.

We are here to answer all of your questions. Through the use of Clarity you can find the answer to your questions in an easy and confidential manner.


ONEtoONE's Methodology

How do we maximize the value of your business?

We search Worldwide

Who is your buyer or investor?

We create competition

Who will pay the most for your business?



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