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The process of buying a business is a long one, in which there are moments of intense emotions, of breakdowns,of crisis, in which it seems that the operation has reached a total impasse. As advisors who have taken part in numerous operations, we know that it is a question of tenacity, of not giving up, of looking for creative formulas which resuscitate the operation time after time until we achieve our goals.

With the increasing globalization of the world, the purchase of a business presents itself as a great means of entry into a new market or to strengthen a competitive position.

The main difficulty in the acquisition of a company is determing how to approach the situation in a manner that allows you to avoid being cheated, and maximize the value. It is critical to buy well, as once a company is acquired the purchasing company takes on not only its profits but also its contingencies and possible losses. This is why experience in buying and selling businesses is crucial.



Thanks to our methodology for search and analysis, we locate those targets with the best fit and most potential synergies, and set them up to compete with each other, as this competition strengthens our negotiating power.

Once the targets are decided, we help you to structure the purchase of the business, negotiate the economic and non-economic terms, confirm that you are acquiring the ideal business, and that  there is sufficient up-side for value creation.


If you want to invest in a company with specific characteristics, our geographical and worldwide reach allows us to comb the market in search of the businesses which satisfy your key parameters. By applying our target search methodology, we can locate the ideal business, wherever it may be. Our work is backed up by powerful international databases combined with our research team and experts in different sectors. All this to locate the business you really want.

Having a team of expert advisors, in the buying and selling of businesses, at your disposal allows you to structure the acquisition, adequately negotiate the economic and non-economic terms of entrance into this business, and to be sure that you are acquiring the ideal business with sufficient up-side.


In negotiations over the purchase of a business, there are many elements to resolve: the price, the legal terms, the guarantees, the non-competition agreement, which shares are to be sold, whether real estate forms a part of the deal, if there is an earn out (payment according to results), whether the seller will continue to receive a salary, the period of transition during which they continue to work for the business, means of payment, how to sell the operation to the general public, what happens to the employees, etc. Experience is vital in the management of these variables to achieve our objective as buyer.



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