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The corporate merger of various companies is a complex process which, in order to be successful, requires a work plan and a multidisciplined team with experience in this area, who implement, supervise and encourage thorughout the process.


The success of a process calls for knowledge, as well as, coordination and guidance through the different areas, people, external advisors and key teams in the business who have to implement the operation. It is essential to designate and involve the management team and/or department heads, from the different companies, in the process so they can then assemble into working committees.


Phase 1: Phase during which a study is carried out of each of the companies with the aim of choosing the optimal business and financial option. This phase ends with the signing of a letter of wishes by all the stakeholders.

Phase 2: Restructuring. It may be necessary to undertake a legal restructuring of the companies involved in the project, separating the principal activity from the real estate assets. This phase ends with the validation of the legal, fiscal and financial framework of the merger.

Phase 3: Valuation of the companies based on a known model in accordance with commonly accepted methods. We recommend to carry out an audit of the company, ideally by the same auditor. This phase ends with the decision over the exchange ratio.

A team at your service


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