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Do you want to sell your business for the best possible value?

A business’s value is entirely dependent on who is buying it, why they are buying it, and what they are buying it for. That is why the quality of the buyer search is fundamental.

ONEtoONE has gained immense experience advising in the buying and selling of businesses, using a methodology aimed at maximizing the value. It is vital to find and interest the best buyers in your business, those who can pay most because they have the greatest resources and because your business creates more value for them.

We guide you through the whole process, helping you to navigate the traps the buyers lay for you and, above all, close the sales transaction with the best investor.

You will be side by side with a very experienced team, who are totally focused on understanding trade and dynamics in your sector, working shoulder to shoulder with you to maximize the value at the moment of sale.


The sale of your business is only going to happen once. Get support from real experts because it is a complex process, with a lot of dodgy dealing, especially regarding financial and negotiating matters. In order to achieve the best possible price for your business, it is vital to be an expert in the field, because without experience you probably will not attain the best results.

A well designed business sale consumes a lot of resources, is exhausting, and, in many cases, frustrating. It is also a critical period in which the seller cannot take his eye off his business’s performance, to ensure that it appears at its best to those people who are judging its value.
That is why professional help in the process is key to the success of the transaction. We prevent you from making mistakes, we greatly increase the possibility of the sale of the business and we achieve a much higher price.

At ONEtoONE Corporate Finance we have our own methodology for finding possible buyers or associates for your business. Thanks to our method, we find the best buyer for your company, wherever they may be. You can see what we are doing at any time through the use of an app and intervene at your convenience.

From the moment the client contracts our services, we put into action a structured process aimed at achieving the best possible price for the sale of their business.


A specialized search team, backed up by international databases and their analytical ability can locate and contact over 100 businesses  worldwide in a single operation.

Our accumulated experience gained as advisors, in the buying and selling of businesses, has shown us that the best buyer does not have to be the most obvious or nearest one. Do not limit the sale process of your business to one country or your nearest competitors.

Do you want to sell your business for the best possible value?


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