Dominique Gazel

Managing Partner

Dominique received a Degree in Civil Engineer, from the French École des Mines de Nancy, with a MAB from HEC. Dominique has been working in the corporate & investment banking sector for several years, both in Société Générale Corporate & Investment Banking and in BNP Paribas. She has been developing a sound knowledge of financial products, with an empahasis on corporate, as well as a strong credit analysis skills. Dominique has had the opportunity to use her expertise while working for the industrial group VATECH, and took part in its international development. From July 2008 until October 2013, she registered as Listing Sponsor (Asesor Registrado) on the Alternative Stock Market (MAB), a Spanish market structured to meet the needs for finance in expanding companies. Since the end of 2005 she has been working in ONEtoONE Corporate Finance.

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