The aim of ONEtoONE Corporate Finance is to find the best buyer or investor for your business, who has the greatest level of synergy, the greatest financial strength and who recognises the greater strategic value in your business – wherever they may be! To do this we have developed a clear working methodology totally focused on maximizing the value of your business. We start by setting a clear first objective – 3 interested parties in 60 days.

At ONEtoONE we are true specialists in the advice for the buying and selling of businesses in the middle market. Our aim is to find, interest and close the deal with the best buyer/investor, the one who can pay the most for your business. They are those who can see the greatest synergies and will therefore be more interested. The greatest difference between us and other advisors lies in our ability to find and interest these parties. This way of working marks the difference between whether our clients achieve the best possible price for their business or miss out on a great opportunity.

ONEtoONE's Methodology · We search Worldwide · We create competition

If you want to sell your business, you can use any advisor. If you want to find the very best buyer, the one who can pay the most, choose us

ONEtoONE's Methodology

Traditional advisors focus their efforts on drawing up documents and restrict their contact to venture capitalists or local competitors, lengthening the process or closing it the moment they find the first interested party. It is a slow and not very successful process. They do not work towards maximizing the price or have a methodology oriented towards it. At ONEtoONE we are financial experts, but in contrast to other advisors, we are also truly expert in marketing sales of businesses and in the search for buyers. How can we find 3 interested parties in 60 days?


We search Worldwide

There are more than 100 million investors and businesses in the world. Many of them could be candidates to buy or invest in your business. Where do you begin to look? Who might have the most strategic interest in paying more for it? Thanks to verified means of analysis, our research team demonstrate that the best counterparty is not the most obvious one nor the nearest. We search for and contact investors who have the greatest resources and are prepared to pay more for your business, irrespective of your geographical location or your financial typology. How do we carry out the search?


We create competition

Competition is key to the maximization of the price of your business. In order that competition arises, it is necessary to make a good map of potential buyers and contact many of them so that various make offers for the business.


Do you want to find the best buyer for your business?



Do you want to know more?

Do you know what a teaser or an info memo are? These are terms you should know if you want to sell your business in a structurized and professional process

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