ONEtoONE’s Methodology

Thanks to this methodology, we maximize our clients value

ONEtoONE’s proven 10-stage methodology, which maximizes the price of your business, sets us apart. Our aim is to find the buyer willing to pay the most for your company. We show the true value of your business, enticing buyers to pay more for it. To find out how we work, click on the links below.

Preparation of the business for sale or the entrance of investors +

Even the tiniest detail counts. Every tiny detail may affect the final price of the transaction. At ONEtoONE we are aware of this, and we begin advising you ahead of time to help you carry out improvements in your business. By doing this we can demonstrate the true value of your business. Throughout the process our work is aligned with maximizing the value of your business.

We find the best counterparty for your business thanks to worldwide searches +

The best buyer is not always the most obvious nor the nearest. The best counterparty for your business could be, for example, a company situated on the other side of the world. We do not want our clients to miss out on opportunities to sell because of limitations in the search for buyers. At ONEtoONE we have powerful international databases, compiled from millions of companies. These databases are analyzed by our specialists, who are 100% dedicated to the systematic search for counterparties. Allowing us to locate buyers throughout the world. We search for the buyer with the deepest pockets and highest potential synergies. If the potential buyer sees true value, he will pay more money for your business.

We set up tailor-made teams for your particular transaction +

We assign a tailor-made team focused on maximizing your company’s value, by finding the best buyer. This team will study the most recent acquisitions, both national and international tendencies in your sector, as well as related sectors: in order to analyze, search, studies and contact the best possible buyers throughout the world. The team is made up of: • Senior Advisors: In contrast to other Investment Banks, with ONEtoONE, your case will be handled by Senior Advisors. You will see a combination of experts in the sector and international specialists in investment banking working on the case, which will enhance and strengthen the results of your mandate. • Analysts: who specialize in the search for counterparties: ONEtoONE has formed a center of excellence in research and business intelligence. This search team is made up of financial engineers who are totally focused on locating the world’s best counterparties for your business, wherever they may be. This is a team of professionals whom are experienced in the analysis and interpretation of movements and trends. They use ONEtoONE’s search methodology, which has been enhaced and refined over the course of the years. • Financial Analysts: you will also have a team of financial analysts, consisting of expert valuators with a wealth of transaction experience, at your service.

We make contact with more than 100 businesses throughout the world +

In order to find the best buyer in a case, we may- throughout multiple phases- make contact with hundreds of companies throughout the world. Our aim is to interest the potential buyers/investors with the greatest capacity and most potential synergies with your business. We carry out a search to locate all the candidates who may be interested in acquiring your company, narrowing down the potential counterparties that are both a good strategic fit, and have the resources to acquire your company. For this, we have a detailed mapping process, that outlines a complete global list of all the candidates that may be a good fit for our mandate. We then analyze this with our client, in order to fine tune our list and select the strongest possible group of potential buyers to contact. Criteria for deciding which potential purchasing companies should be on the list includes: the company’s position in the sector, its resources, scarcity of the market, strategic capacity, the size of the company, its growth strategy, and whether it has the financial backing necessary to undertake the acquisition. We extract a large majority of this information from our databases, and then proceed to study each of the companies we have selected further, scrutinizing the company and the synergies it may have with our client. Once we have selected the buyers that will best maximize the value of the transaction for our client, we contact them and begin to entice interest in your company. To do this, we create a presentation known a teaser, that illustrates the true value of our clients business, as well as its capacity to create future value. Our competitors, traditional advisors, limit themselves to explaining the history of the business, and only approach a limited number of targets. At ONEtoONE we are renowned experts in the localization and marketing of the sale of businesses, and we show the business in its best light by focusing on demonstrating the business’s potential and maximizing its value.

Analysis of the candidates’ economic potential +

Our aim is to find the buyer who can pay the most, which is why we sift out the businesses or investors which satisfy this requirement, analyzing their economic potential. This work is vital in each candidate’s case to verify that they are able to pay what we are asking, and if they could pay more than other competitors for the transaction. Knowing the potential and needs of the candidates is a weapon in hand for future stages in the negotiations.

Preparation of the Synergies Plan+

Experience has shown us that when a buyer can identify the true synergies which may be generated with their company, they are prepared to pay more for our client’s business. Synergies often become the key factor in the economic impact of the transaction. The more the buyer understands these synergies the greater the number of negotiation tools you will have. Therefore, at ONEtoONE, we draw up a Synergies Plan focused on demonstrating the value your company could offer to each of the buyers or investors. We put this together in an Excel document where, we combine the balance sheets and profit and loss accounts of the two companies, thus helping them to understand the synergies and possibilities for value production that the combined companies could create.

Complete a pre-due process +

We go over any aspects which could imply a reduction in the price with the client, through a process of pre-due. Our aim is to avoid our clients having unexpected surprises in the final stages of the sale. We find a solution to those aspects which might affect the price in order to achieve our objective of maximizing the value of your business.

We create competition +

Competition is key to the maximization of the price of your company. In order for competition to arise it is necessary to make a good map of possible buyers and contact many of them so that various parties will put forward offers for the business. Having a large number of offers helps to maximize the probability of finding the best investor, as it provides us with greater negotiating power. Creating this competition allows us to achieve far higher sales prices. Thanks to the creation of competition we have more motivated buyers, that will raise the value of their offers upon discovering that they have competition.

Training in the keys to negotiation +

We work with each of our clients on the keys to negotiation and communication in the sale of their businesses to maximize the price they receive. We prepare them to deal efficiently with the difficult questions they will be asked, as we want to be sure that our clients do not fall into the classic traps that the buyers may lay.

Our experience at your business’s service +

The sale of a business is a key moment in the creation or loss of value for the owner, which means that the experience of an advisor in business sales is invaluable. At ONEtoONE we have extensive experience gathered through acting as advisors in over 900 cases. We are highly specialized in the processes of buying and selling middle market businesses. All our experience is available, to allow you to achieve the best possible value and avoid the errors made by others, who have not been well advised. The sale of a business is essentially a question of numbers. The greater the number of correct counterparties we contact, the greater the possibility of success. We contact a large number of companies throughout the world who may have strategic logic, to find the best counterparties and create competition between them. The key is to find the correct counterparties, those which: provide a good fit, have a high level of liquidity, and are currently open to undertaking an operation with a business in their geographical market and sector. Finding, not just one counterparty, but various counterparties can be quite a challenge for an advisor. Our methodology enables us to maximize the value of your business by finding the best buyer who can pay the most. This proven methodology has allowed many of our clients to sell their businesses at more than double the price they would have been able to achieve acting alone. If you are considering selling your business or looking for new investors and wish to know more about our method, do not hesitate to contact us.

A clear working methodology totally focused on maximizing the value of your business


ONEtoONE's Methodology

How do we maximize the value of your business?

We search Worldwide

Who is your buyer or investor?

We create competition

Who will pay the most for your business?



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