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The sale of a business is essentially a question of numbers. Only if we contact the correct counterparties who have a strategic fit, high liquidity and are currently in the market to buy, can we maximize the sale price. To do this we contact a large number of companies who might provide a fit, on a worldwide basis, in order to find companies prepared to make and offer and foster competition between them.


We know that if a potential counterparty has deep pockets and can identify true synergies with your company, they will pay more money for our client. When a buyer sees all the future value that your business could bring, they will not only pay for the current value, but also for the future synergistic value created by the purchase.

Due to this, it is essential to comb the world for the best potential candidates. At ONEtoONE we know that the best buyer is not always the most obvious one. The best candidate is the one with the most money, the greatest interest in the business and which generates the greatest synergistic value. Because of this, our worldwide search methodology is a vital value creator for our clients.


We carry out a search to locate all the candidates who may be interested in acquiring your company, narrowing down the potential counterparties that are both a good strategic fit, and have the resources to acquire your company. For this, we have a detailed mapping process, that outlines a complete global list of all the candidates that may be a good fit for our mandate. We then analyze this with our client, in order to fine tune our list and select the strongest possible group of potential buyers to contact.

Our aim is always to find the buyer who can pay the most


ONEtoONE's Methodology

How do we maximize the value of your business?

We search Worldwide

Who is your buyer or investor?

We create competition

Who will pay the most for your business?



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