Disruptive Industry Forces: What are they and how to eat them.

17 October. 2018 Tags: , , , , No Comments

In the everchanging business world, corporate strategies inevitably fall to sudden turbulence in the competitive market environment. The often answer to market volatility are mergers and acquisitions. New opportunities emerge because of continuous development and progress which in turn facilitate growth and profits. New products or services, new logistical structures and formulas, new technologies and […]

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How to create a winning mentality

How to create a winning mentality in business

13 June. 2018 Tags: , No Comments

Successful entrepreneurs are bold and audacious in their goal setting. If you want to create a winning mentality in business, start thinking big. The larger the audience you can connect with, the more relevant your organization will become. It seems obvious to suggest that in order to achieve goals, you must set them first. Goals are […]

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How to create a compelling business model

How to create a compelling business model

7 June. 2018 Tags: , No Comments

There are many executives who don’t understand their own business model or who don’t even know what their business model is. Opportunities arise when the whole industry agrees to offer bad service to the customers. In that scenario, you can provoke a disruption by creating a strategy that better caters to the needs of a […]

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Alignment, the key to business success

In business, the key to success is alignment

31 May. 2018 Tags: , No Comments

Organizations are systems, everything’s connected to everything else. Because of this, alignment is crucial to achieve success. If the pieces of your business model are not aligned, margins will deteriorate and competition will overcome you. The alignment of your strategy, your business model, the structure of your company, your culture, your capabilities and your remuneration system is the key to creating profitable growth […]

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How to decide who your target customer is

How to decide who your target customer is

3 May. 2018 Tags: , No Comments

Do you know how to decide who your target customer is? In this article we give you some suggestions to help you answer this question. We will also talk about how to deal with competitors after having analyzed what the customers want. What kind of customer do you want to serve? You must choose which […]

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Business onwners' hard decision-making moments

The tough decisions of business owners

18 April. 2018 Tags: , No Comments

Business owners make tough decisions every day: when they must decide between tapping into his home equity line to finance his business or running out of operating capital for a new project; when they have to fire their employees who have become close friends just because sales are down; when they need to make an […]

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What is my company's brand worth?

What is my company’s brand worth?

5 April. 2018 Tags: , , No Comments

When selling a company, business owners try to value different elements of their businesses in order to determine an appropriate sale price, including their assets, their cash flows and even their business relationships. In reviewing elements of their businesses that have value, one question that business owners often ask is, “What is my company’s brand […]

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