Colin Lyne


Colin has an MBA from Warwick Business School (UK), a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Diploma in Marketing. He has over 25 years M&A and corporate finance experience having led well over 100 transactions as principal. Colin is experienced in all aspects of corporate finance including acquisitions, disposals, MBOs, Private Equity, P2Ps and equity and debt fundraising. He has extensive experience as a plc main board director and as Corporate Development Director of private equity backed businesses and has held some 150 directorships in the UK and other European countries. Colin has broad sector experience with a specific emphasis on the business and industrial services; facilities management; engineering and smart energy sectors. He has extensive international experience and has travelled and done business in over 50 counties of the world. Colin specialises in European cross-border M&A and in particular transactions between the UK and Spain. He is a tenacious and highly skilled negotiator with a proven track record who intuitively understands a buyer’s or seller’s motivation and is able to deliver a compelling rationale to the counterparty - consistently leading to higher deal values and successes for his clients.


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