Robert Kirtley

Industry Manager

Robert Kirtley has over 20 years of management consulting and investment banking experience with a focus on providing strategy, operations, and technology infrastructure services in the areas of compliance, operations, information governance, and cyber security. While consulting, Robert has managed hundreds of client engagements, with teams ranging from 2 people to more than 100. Robert has also worked with several private equity funds to evaluate IT infrastructure generally and cyber security specifically prior to acquisition to identify any potential issues or risks. In addition to this advisory role, he has also worked on both buyside and sellside engagements for several private equity funds for a broad range of consulting, technology and cyber security businesses. In addition to acting as the One to One Industry leader for technology, Robert is currently consulting on a range of Information Governance, Information Management, Security and Compliance issues with a range of corporate, government and private firm clients. He is also a cyber security instructor with the SANS Institute. Robert holds a BS in Finance from the University of Minnesota and an MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

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