Alberto Baco


Alberto Bacó Bagué is currently a Partner at ONEtoONE Corporate Finance USA and is also an attorney, CPA, and entrepreneur, with a successful career in company turnarounds, restructuring and senior management in both public and private sector. He has also been recognized for his public speaking skills and has been invited to participate in important business forums around the world. He started working at a very early age at his family’s furniture manufacturing business, where he learned firsthand the importance of how companies must always adapt to global changes and competitive shifts. He is a firm believer that no company should disappear, just transform. After graduating Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration from the University of Puerto Rico he then acquired a CPA license and finished a Juris Doctor degree, ranking 4th out of 510 students to be licensed, a combination that has proven key to handle all business aspects. Since then he has held several positions in law firms, international accounting firms, government agencies and Board of Directors. Experiences during his career have led him to develop a competitive edge where he is quick to define a project’s path to success by creating unique solutions. Leadership positions as President of the Economic Development Bank, CEO of Marvel and Bohío International and Board seats in W Holdings, Assurant P.R and the Government Development Bank, among others, has diversified his experience permitting him to measure risk, act as mediator as well as to provide vision and guidance for execution and negotiation. He is an active member of the YPO international organization, a forum that has granted him the opportunity to develop strong leadership skills. At a local level, Bacó has held all head positions, including Chapter Chairman. In 2013 he was appointed Secretary of Economic Development and Commerce by the Governor of Puerto Rico, and in 2016, he also assumed responsibilities as Chairman and President of the Government Development Bank for Puerto Rico, positions he has held with great responsibility and success even during one of the most challenging times in Puerto Rico’s history. Under his guidance, Puerto Rico’s economy has embarked a journey into a second grand economic transformation, where knowledge and service impact and strengthen all industries, both traditional and emerging ones. During his career, Bacó Bagué has distinguished himself as an active supporter of the development of the venture capital and private equity industry in Puerto Rico, an endeavor he will pursue for the rest of his career life.


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