Jesus Tueme


Jesus Tueme is a finance and banking executive with a global perspective, broad professional practice and contacts network in Latin America after serving for 22 years at BBVA, BNPP and Credit Agricole. Jesus has a successful track record in deal-making with multinationals, major Latin American issuers and government agencies, as well as in transforming Investment Banking business models and adopting USA FINRA regulatory standards for financial services operations abroad. Jesus is experienced in managing change, customer-centric and digital strategies, corporate governance and initial public offerings, review of financial performance and risk management, corporate strategy and evaluating alliances, restructuring and special situations, and mergers & acquisitions. Jesus received a B.S degree in Economics from Mexico Monterrey Institute of Technology in 1984, an M.B.A degree from the University of California Los Angeles in 1987 and graduated from Harvard Business School General Management Program in 2008. His further academic work on Risk Management at Stanford university and as research and finance scholar at the Monterrey Institute of Technology materialized three research awards with papers on: Mining Companies Valuation, the Spanned Beta Approach for Divisional Cost of Capital, and International Mergers and Acquisitions.


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