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Finn has a Professional Business Degree from Copenhagen Business School.
Finn has a career in Transport- and Logistics, and after 20 years with different jobs in Forwarding and Shipping in DK and abroad, he changes business track to the IT business software, but with clients to Transport- and Logistics.
In 2001 Finn establish his own software company, and after 11 years, this was sold to another software Provider.
During his years in Transport and IT, Finn has been involved in many transactions, both buying and selling.
2014 Finn formed the company that he has today, which is an expert in M&A in Transport- and Logistics.


- Copenhagen business College
- Bachelor of Commerce, in Export sales and IT


- Founding M&A Laursen Partners ApS, with transaction international and local (Scandinavia)
- Founding IT own company and later sold his “baby”
- Founding adviser and consultant company for IT and Transport/Logistics
- Board member and advisor board for IT and Transport companies
- Director and Founding IT software company (DK) for a foreign mother company
- Head of Division for IT Company
- Director and Head of Division in Forwarding and Shipping company.

Historial de Cierres

Finn in his career has always been involved in develop new business, either with a new department or new company. In the last 25 years many of the jobs Finn has had, both as self-employed or employed, have often been involved with M&A, either through acquisitions for development or sales for streamlining the organization).

Experiencia Internacional

Germany (DE)
Denmark (DK)
Finland (FI)
United Kingdom (GB)
Norway (NO)
Sweden (SE)

Experiencia Sectorial

Transport Industry
Copenhagen office


Kollegievej 6, 1
DK-2920, Copenhagen


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