Deals dans Agriculture, livestock and fishing


Debt-restructuring advisory

The Grupo Franch had diversified product (oranges, lemons, other citrus fruits, apples, etc.) and was supplied from a wide geographical base (Spain, South Africa and Morocco) enabling seasonal purchases. It featured top industry brands, such as Solita, Alegría, ADDO, Araceli, among others. ONEtoONE advised the group on the restructuring and refinancing of its debt with a group of nine financial institutions.

Proyecto cooperativo

Debt-restructuring advisory

The main agricultural and livestock cooperative in Ávila province, Alta Moraña Sociedad Cooperativa, which is also one of the leading companies in the province of Avila, was able to refinance its debt with Caja España-Duero and Caja de Avila thanks to ONEtoONE's advisory services. The operation provided the Avila-based cooperative with financial stability that has enabled it to face the future with confidence and determination, fulfilling its business plan, in which the main challenge is to return to the billing levels of the organization's best years.

Fusion cooperativa

Merger and Debt Restructuring

ONEtoONE advised on the merger process, in which NUTECAL acted as the acquiring cooperative while TEO and CALPORC were the absorbed cooperatives. Since registering in the Cooperatives Registry, NUTECAL has united the partners, activities, assets and liabilities of the three original cooperatives. The cooperatives operate in the agriculture and livestock sector.