Deals dans Information technology


Sell-side advisory

The Spanish company Dacartec Servicios Informáticos SL, has sold its Colombian affiliate (Darcatec Internacional Andina SAS) to the Group, also with Spanish origin, Diusframi, mandating the advisory of ONEtoONE Corporate Finance for the operation. The operation suggests the strengthening of Diusframi Group's presence in LatAm and also fits within their expansion project.


Sell-side advisory

Zucchetti Group, the first Italian software company, has bought 100% of Solmicro, a leader in the development of management solutions. The Zucchetti Group, which started in Italy in 1978, has a presence in over 40 countries. Solmicro, a Spanish company, retained ONEtoONE Corporate Finance as advisors for the operation.


Buy-side advisory

The venture capital fund, Suma Capital, just acquired 30% of Tradeinn's total network of online-stores, which specialize in selling Tradeinn sport materials. Since 2000, Tradeinn was part of the investment fund VenturCap, which was managed by GVC Gaesco. Suma capital´s operation had advisory support from ONEtoONE Corporate Finance.


Sell-side advisory

RIB Software AG acquired Soft SA, the leading construction software company in Spain. The successful acquisition will open up a new business opportunity, for RIB in the Spanish-speaking markets.