Deals dans Automobiles & Components


Sell-side advisory

Unión de Industrias C.A. (Unica), is a rubber manufacturer company located in Navarra, and has sold 86% of its shares to a Spanish private equity company called Espiga Capital. Espiga will carry out the expansion of Unica in Spain and abroad. Thus, it is expected that the incorporation of a private equity fund accelerates the growth project in Corella, in order to gain productive capacity and increased orders.


sell-side advisory

ONEtoONE advised in the sale of the specialized car rental company, Rubicar. The company was perfectly sized, and equipped with the latest technologies, managed automatically.

Fundición II

Buy-side advisory

ONEtoONE advised the Fundiciones del Estanda in the acquisition of 100% shares of Fudike. Fundiciones del Estanda thus achieved the industrial capacity needed to tackle an ambitious plan for expansion and growth in its business of manufacturing and marketing of brake discs for high speed trains. The operation involved consolidating Fundiciones del Estanda as a world leading strategic supplier in the complete rail braking systems sector.

Estampación I

Buy-side advisory

We advised Preciturn Sales & Systems, a French multinational that specializes in the manufacture of products used in the automotive industry; in the company’s acquisition of Galician Tadecol SL, a company dedicated to developing various parts for vehicles. Precticurn Sales & Systems’ acquisition strategy is to acquire companies going through economic difficulties with the aim of turning them around by refinancing them, utilizing its group philosophy, expertise, and know-how; Galician Tadecol SL satisfied these requirements.