Do the daily challenges of the business energize you?

21 November. 2017 Étiquettes : Pas de commentaire

Business ownership requires a person with an abundance of energy. If you no longer feel a challenge, nor excitement, then you might want to consider selling your business. In a highly competitive business world like today’s, a company can rapidly deteriorate without the dedication from its owner: the necessary amount is no longer invested, it […]

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8 November. 2017 Étiquettes : , Pas de commentaire

In the today’s rapidly changing world you must constantly seek to improve your business model and act bravely anytime you see the chance. You´ll have challenges (some call them problems). Take it as a strategy game where you compete with everyone else. Think that life is like the game of Monopoly and that everything goes […]

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Save the family… and the business

29 March. 2016 Étiquettes : , , , , , Pas de commentaire

Many companies die because of differences in management between family members: sometimes, the founding brothers are no longer around and their sons (now cousins) disagree about the management of the company. In other cases it is the owner who foresees future conflicts between his sons and chooses to sell the company in order to preserve family peace and […]

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Now is the Time to Sell Your Business

It may have taken you a lifetime or even generations to create substantial value in your business, but with the right planning and advice it may take only a year or two to double that value. Succession issues, retirement, technology, globalism, scale, etc. are all viable reasons to be thinking about selling your business. But […]