Why the Valuation Report?

11 December. 2018 Étiquettes : , , , Pas de commentaire

The Valuation Dilemma During the sale process of a company, the owners often find themselves perplexed during a valuation process trying to calculate the best or highest approximate value for their business. When in fact, there is no exact price. As Enrique Quemada Clariana outlines in his How to Get the Best Price for My […]

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Investors for Every Lifecycle Stage of Your Company

22 November. 2018 Étiquettes : , , , , , Pas de commentaire

Searching for investors is a critical yet tedious task. Finding someone with shared values and perspective about the future of your company may not always meet the expectations of your targeted profile. This week we will clarify the different types of investors that can match the different evolutionary stages of your company. Seed capital – […]

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Valuation using Comparable Transactions Method

14 November. 2018 Étiquettes : , , , , Pas de commentaire

This week’s spotlight takes one of the most practical and straightforward alternative valuation methods to the known method of discount free cash flows. It’s called the comparable transactions method. Meanwhile, the discount free cash flow method analyzes and projects future results to determine value, the valuation method based on comparable transactions consist of analyzing the […]

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Trick or Treat: Key Elements to Negotiation

31 October. 2018 Étiquettes : , , , Pas de commentaire

The power of persuasion is commonly undervalued. Some just don’t know how to properly prepare and initiate the negotiation process. For this reason, we decided to discuss the key elements preliminary for successful negotiation outcomes. Some of these elements are more obvious than others, but it doesn’t mean they can be dismissed. To prepare yourself […]

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Inspecting Management Buyouts

24 October. 2018 Étiquettes : , , , , Pas de commentaire

In the center of this week’s discussion are management buyouts. What are they? Management buyouts (MBO) are a transactional process whereby a company’s management team purchases the assets and operations of the business they manage. An MBO proposes an incentive to professional managers because of the greater potential rewards from being owners of the business […]

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Top 5 Mistake to Avoid when Selling Your Company

18 October. 2018 Étiquettes : , , , , Pas de commentaire

Mergers and acquisitions are a tedious process full of intricacies and pitfalls. It’s therefore quite easy to fall short and make a mistake or two. For this reason, we made a top 5 list of most prominent mistakes to avoid when selling your company. 1. Not completing a thorough company valuation – naturally, your company’s […]

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Top 5 Factors Affecting the Value of Your Company

3 October. 2018 Étiquettes : , , , , Pas de commentaire

This week we are examining some of the most commonly known factors that will most likely affect the end value of your company during the valuation process. Fundamentally, these factors can be grouped by either internal and external in nature. Internal factors are those that fall under direct jurisdiction and control of the company’s integral […]

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Can the Stock Market be an Alternative to Later Stage Venture Capital?

27 September. 2018 Étiquettes : , , , Pas de commentaire

Stock Market vs. Later Stage Venture Capital Entrepreneurs are the driving force of an economy and are an important source of innovation. Disruption requires investment in equity, not debt, and it’s up to venture capitalists to prove it. The momentum of capital flow is strong in Belgium and new venture funds have been announced in recent […]

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The Vital Role of Advisors During M&A

26 September. 2018 Étiquettes : , , , Pas de commentaire

The role of a competent advisor is intrinsically delicate. Especially when it comes to mergers and acquisitions. Nowadays, selling a business is one of the most complex sales processes that exist due to the numerous levels of responsibility, rounds of valuations and corresponding actions that must take place at the right time, in the right […]

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Now is the Time to Sell Your Business

It may have taken you a lifetime or even generations to create substantial value in your business, but with the right planning and advice it may take only a year or two to double that value. Succession issues, retirement, technology, globalism, scale, etc. are all viable reasons to be thinking about selling your business. But […]