Many business owners decide to go from sucess to significance

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Feeling a sense of social responsibility is a common reason to sell your business when you still have energy to do other things that might be significant. This could mean dedicating the rest of your time to an NGO, buying another socially responsible company, getting involved in public service, or simply dedicating more time to […]

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Succeed selling your company

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Any businessman thinking of selling his company should start preparing one or two years in advance. This way, we have more time to improve its value, make it more attractive, interest more buyers, increase our chances of success, remove obstacles, and minimize the fiscal impact and economic consequences of the sale. When you want to sell a […]

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Now is the Time to Sell Your Business

It may have taken you a lifetime or even generations to create substantial value in your business, but with the right planning and advice it may take only a year or two to double that value. Succession issues, retirement, technology, globalism, scale, etc. are all viable reasons to be thinking about selling your business. But […]