IT and Cybersecurity Industry Report

Cybersecurity is one of the fastest growing and largest technology sectors. As the global trend toward digitalization continues to benefit businesses and consumers, it also creates targets for a new breed of criminals who seek to steal and cheat digitally.
The Cybersecurity market is undergoing significant change and is attracting investment from various companies including IT companies, defense contractors, technology businesses, professional services firms, telecommunications firms and financial investors. In this report, we discuss our belief that the Cybersecurity industry is reaching a tipping point of maturity which can cause an increase in consolidation.
This convergence is driving innovation in the market and, coupled with an increasing awareness of cybersecurity risks across all organizations, presents significant opportunities for businesses that can address current and emerging issues. There has been an increase in the total number of Cybersecurity incidents as well as the cost of cybercrime, resulting in profound demand for innovation and consolidation within the industry. This will continue to drive M&A activity by both strategic and financial investors.
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