Di cosa ha bisogno la tua impresa?

Mettiamo tutto il nostro impegno per assicurare ai nostri clienti una consulenza finanziaria completa e di altissimo profilo: nella ricerca di nuovi investitori; nella cessione dell’azienda; nell’irrobustire il conto economico; nell’ingresso in nuovi mercati per mezzo di acquisizioni; nel rafforzare il posizionamento di un’azienda per mezzo di una fusione; nella definizione di un piano strategico come nella valutazione di un’impresa.

Qual è il vostro obiettivo? Ti aiuteremo a raggiungere il tuo obiettivo.

Offriamo l'esperienzia acquisita in oltre 1000 incarichi di M&A

Sell side

(English) It is the time to sell your business. You are determined and you know that you are facing the most important business decision of your life. Now you have to make something solid out of the value created by lifelong wealth creation. But, do you know how to do it? How to maximize the value?



(English) A merger of businesses is a complex process which requires knowledge and the coordination and guidance of expert advisors. At ONEtoONE we have successfully advised in dozens of mergers and we have developed a method to tackle this process with maximum guarantees of success.


Collocamenti Privati

(English) At ONEtoONE Corporate Finance, we have a strong track record in sourcing worldwide equity finance from venture capital, family offices, private equity funds and corporate companies. If you are looking for private placement, we can help you to structure and negotiate the terms of financing as well as provide the appropriate capital raising solution, independent of market bias.


Buy side

(English) If you are interested in buying a company, we can work with you, creating a team of sector and corporate finance experts with a mix of financial, sector and cultural cross-border experience so that you get the most value out of the deal.


Consulenza strategica

(English) If you are looking to establish the most appropriate growth strategy for your company, our team of experienced experts can help you perform strategic planning, business valuation and financial capacity analysis. Independent from external pressures and always putting your best interests first.


Valutazione d'impresa

(English) Do you know the value of your business? This is an opportunity to understand the intrinsic value of a company as well as their ability to create value in the future.