Relationships in M&A: The Differentiating Factor

Relationships in M&A: The Differentiating Factor

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If you consider just how much time goes into an M&A transaction, from extensive financial analysis to the intricate process of evaluating the target’s corporate culture, then you can imagine how disappointing it would be for a venture to fail due to poor personal relationships. As it were, it is estimated that somewhere between 70% […]

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ONEtoONE acted as exclusive corporate finance advisor to Securitas Belgium on the acquisition of Services in Safety

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Securitas AB is a security services, monitoring, consulting and investigation group, based in Stockholm, Sweden. The group has over 330,000 employees globally, of which 6,000 in Belgium. Securitas AB is listed at Nasdaq OMX Stockholm, Large Cap segment. Services in Safety (SIS) is an Antwerp-based specialist in safety solutions. SIS tells 50 employees and has […]

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Taking M&A Transactions to the Next Level: Corporate Culture

Taking M&A Transactions to the Next Level: Corporate Culture

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The coveted concept of synergy is thrown around continuously when discussing M&A, and yet it is so often left unprioritized during the heated process of executing a deal. As such, a company owner might be inclined to confirm a seemingly lucrative transaction or opportunity, without truly investing enough time in analysing the target’s corporate culture. […]

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Welcome to the Machine: Computers Are Teaching Themselves

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Have you ever considered how the Google search engine can so accurately predict what you are looking for, even after typing just 2 solitary letters? It all comes down to a concept called Machine Learning, or the process of computer systems undertaking explicit tasks without ever being specifically programmed to do so. As such, Artificial […]

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Airline industry consolidation, it’s here to stay

Airline Industry Consolidation, It’s Here to Stay

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Since the Airline Deregulation Act of 1978, the aviation industry has unquestionably remained one of the most ultra-competitive sectors within the world of business. Come 2018, and the unrelenting struggle over squeezing margins, ever-expanding passenger numbers and volatile fuel prices has seen the recent departure from the sector of the likes of Monarch Airlines, Air […]

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Selling Your Family Business - Is it time?

Selling Your Family Business – Is It time?

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Are family businesses ever actually sold? The short answer is yes, but they typically incur a cost that goes beyond a price-tag. Many family business transactions end up breaking the resistance of the family, and can resultantly cause significant internal rifts. As such, it is traits such as stubbornness and having an emotional connection to […]

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