The crux of acquisition due diligence: Working Capital & Investements

The Crux of Acquisition Due Diligence: Working Capital & Investements

21 June. 2018 Tag:, , , 1 commento

Previously, we have explored the concept of Due Diligence its importance throughout the process of buying a business. In the following article, we will explain two important aspects to analyze during this crucial phase: The concepts of working capital and other investments. The Working Capital We recommend that in the due diligence process that you […]

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The process of buying a business: due diligence

The process of buying a business: due diligence

13 June. 2018 Tag:, , Nessun commento

The indicative offer has been placed and the letter of intent has been signed. The next steps are to confirm that, in fact, the business that we want to buy has all the characteristics that we believe it has. Everyone likes surprises, but not in the context of business. Surprises in business, and especially M&A, […]

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It may have taken you a lifetime or even generations to create substantial value in your business, but with the right planning and advice it may take only a year or two to double that value. Succession issues, retirement, technology, globalism, scale, etc. are all viable reasons to be thinking about selling your business. But […]