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Thierry de Poerck holds a Business Engineering degree from the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management and a Master in Business Administration from the Free University of Brussels.

He is the partner in charge of Luxembourg and contributes to other sectors where his experience is highly valuable. He has offered his services throughout the world but mostly from a base in Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and Hong-Kong.

He started his career in consumer goods (Gillette) before moving to banking (BNB PARIBAS LUXEMBOURG 6head of corporate Banking Benelux, head of Financial control) and finance (CLEARSTREAM and DEUTSCHE BORSE - head of business control, head of corporate finance, head of risk management, chief internal auditor) where he has held senior and executive management positions for more than 15 years. Consequently he joined the group Ice-Watch as partner and managing director for 4 years until returning recently to the world of corporate finance.

Over the years Thierry has accumulated a wealth of knowledge in general management, business development, finance and strategy.

Besides finance, his fields of expertise are in consumer goods, fashion, digital marketing, retail & e-commerce,and services. In addition he has been actively involved in fintech, biotech, telecom and real estate.


Máster en Administración y Dirección de Empresas y Gestión de Sistemas, University of Brussels, Bélgica

Máster en Ingeniería Empresarial, Finanzas y Control, Economía y Gestión, Solvay Brussels School, Bélgica


Socio Director, ONEtoONE Corporate Finance

Fundador, Acacia Consulting and Trading

Socio Director, Actoria Luxembourg, ACTORIA GROP

Director General, Groupe Ice-Watch

Jefe de Auditoría Interna, Responsable del Grupo de Gestión de Riesgos, Responsable de Operaciones Corporativas, Responsable de Control Corporativo, Deutsche Borse Group

Responsable de Control Financiero, Responsable del área de Benelux, BNP Paribas

Historial de Cierres

Director General del Grupo Ice-Watch , varias transacciones de hasta 100 millones de euros

Servicio Financiero, varias transacciones por encima de los 100 millones de euros

Experiencia Internacional

Luxembourg (LU)

Experiencia Sectorial

Financial Services
Healthcare activities
Brussels-Kraainem office


Mechelsesteenweg 455
B-1950, Brussels-Kraainem


Fintech, biotech, retail, brand


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