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ONEtoONE Corporate Finance France is part of one of the leading international M&A Advisory Firms with a presence in 16 countries. Our commitment is to find the best value counterpart with a global reach. For this reason, we endeavor to have a highly professional international team of specialists on the buy side and sell side M&A with experience on more than a thousand transactions.

We advise you with the purchase, sale, transfer of your company as well as any build-up / external growth operation or fundraising and more generally any strategic operation necessary for the development of your activities. We assure you to quickly find the best counterpart through more than a thousand advised transactions, covering most business segments and industries. In addition, we have developed the technology capable to effectively follow up in real time the progress of your Operation.

Our Office

Paris office


47 avenue HOCHE
75008, Paris

Economic Outlook

France’s economy is the fifth largest in the world and represents around one-fifth of the Euro area GDP. Its economy is mature and diverse with a moderate and stable annual GDP growth of 1.6% expected in 2019.1 Services are the backbone of the country’s economy representing around 70% of GDP. France’s other forefront sectors include automotive, aerospace, railway, cosmetics and luxury goods. Besides, tourism has historically been a prominent and lucrative sector in the country. France’s primary exports include machinery and transportation equipment, aerospace equipment and plastics, while the imports consist of machinery, automobiles and crude oil.

Market Access

Outbound merger and acquisition activity by French firms is estimated to have reached $40.8 billion in 2017, compared to less than $5 billion over the same period in 2016. The number of deals, however, contracted between 2016-2017, signaling the outbound deal making grew in value, not volume. The primary targeted sectors for these outbound deals were consumer products and services companies making up 65% of the total, followed by industrials with 16.4%.2 According to the forecast by Global Transactions Forecast study in collaboration with Oxford Economics, France will experience a 40% increase in M&A activity during the period of 2018-2020, totalling $56.5 billion.3

Sources: 1. (2019) France Economy – GDP, Inflation, CPI and Interest Rate. 2. (2019) French outbound M&A driven to a decade high by big deals. 3. Baker McKenzie. (2019). M&A operations should increase by 40% in France in 2018, according to Baker McKenzie

Main Services

Sell Side M&A

  • Core market research
  • Deal marketing
  • Buyer identification and contact
  • Due diligence support
  • Valuation
  • Transaction negotiation
  • Financing/ capital raising

Buy Side M&A

  • Core market research
  • Target identification
  • Target contact
  • Due diligence support
  • Valuation
  • Transaction negotiation
  • Financing/ capital raising

Fund Raising

  • Relationships throughout the lender and investor community
  • Regular dialogues with a large variety of financing sources
  • Story-oriented transactions
  • Competitive process
  • Listing sponsors in Europe and Asia

Strategic Advice

  • Valuations in connection with:
    • Mergers
    • Acquisitions
    • Private placement
    • Private/ Public partnership
  • Third-party fairness opinions
    • Independent
    • Unbiased opinions

Other Services

strategic alliancesWeb

Strategic Alliances and Joint Ventures


Corporate Refinancing


Business Plan Development




Fairness Opinions


Merger Planning and Execution


Capital Restructuring


Debt Restructuring

Our Team

Here is our team of seasoned M&A specialists in our France office:

Selected M&A transactions by ONEtoONE France

Sell side mandate

The Chilenian group, MOK, specialized in the sectors of insurance, tourism and finance, has acquired the total shares of the French group April in Colombia, in an operation managed by ONEtoONE Corporate Finance, in the side of the seller. April Colombia core business is the travel insurance sector, but due to a restructuring in the business line of the group, it has decided to sell the total shares of the group in Colombia. Through this operation, group MOK consolidates their presence in the Colombian market after 20 years of experience in Chile and Peru.

Buy side mandate

The French group, AD Education, has recently acquired the Spanish study centre CEV (Centro de Estudios del Video SA) in an operation advised by ONEtoONE Corporate Finance. Thanks to this acquisition, ADE has become one of the main European players in the education of creative arts. The integration of the Spanish school, CEV, is a further step for AD Education in its commitment to expansion throughout Europe, while developing academic synergies between the two groups of schools for the benefit of their students.

Buy side mandate

Descours & Cabaud, specializing in the industry equipement distribution and construction has acquired SELA, a Galician company specializing in job security integral solutions

Buy side mandate

ONEtoONE advised Tessi in the acquisition of the Spanish company BPO Solutions. BPO Solutions is based in Madrid and employs 280 people. Specialising in BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) and an expert in value-added customer relationship management, primarily for banks and insurance companies, BPO Solutions offers its customers innovative solutions enabling them to control productivity and optimise costs.

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