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Global M&A Advisory Firm specialized in buy side and sell side M&A in the middle-market

ONEtoONE Italy is a member of one of the leading international M&A Advisory Firms specialized in buy side and sell side M&A in the middle-market. With a presence in 16 countries in 4 continents, our global network of partners allows us access to a wide range of market insights, buyers, and investment opportunities.

Our Italy office is located in Bologna. However, our team conducts mandates across the country with a clear international perspective. We take pride in serving entrepreneurs, multinationals, private equity firms and family offices which are selling, financing or acquiring businesses globally. With many years of international experience and execution of more than a thousand transactions, we are comfortable performing, with creativity and diligence, cross-border transactions in a wide range of industries.


Bologna office


Via Nazario Sauro 29
40121, Bologna

Economic Outlook

Italy is ranked as the world’s 9th largest economy with a GDP of over € 1.7 trillion and population of over 60 million. Since 2012 the deficit has been consistently below the 3% ceiling with the highest primary surplus of a 1.1% average during the 2009-2016 period.1 Italy’s economic structure primarily relies on services and manufacturing, where the service services sector accounts for almost three-quarters of total GDP and employs around 65% of the country’s employed population. The manufacturing sector accounts for about a quarter of Italy’s total production, employing 30% of the total workforce.2  Italy’s tertiary sector is agriculture, contributing to the remaining share of the total GDP. The manufacturing sector specializes in producing high-quality goods and is run by small to medium-sized enterprises.

Market Access Opportunity

Italy’s M&A market is competitive and robust, driven by a combination of both domestic and cross-border transactions in both private and public deals. The most attractive sector for deal-making in the past years was financial services with 79 deals worth € 17 billion in 2017, followed by the industrial sector with a larger number of deals yielding less value – 189 deals worth € 7.9 billion.3 Furthermore, the FDI has driven Italian M&A in recent months, with foreign dealmakers being drawn by the country’s reputation for world-class products.

Sources: 1. Italian Trade Agency. (2019) Economic profile  2. (2018) Italy Economy – GDP, Inflation, CPI and Interest Rate. 3. International Financial Law Review (2018) M&A Report: Italy


What does your business need?

In the realm of Corporate Finance, we can help you achieve your goals. Here are some of our main lines of services:

Sell-side advisory services include:

  • Preparation of business and strategic plans.
  • Preparation of group, company and asset valuations.
  • Search for buyers, strategic partners and investors for company sales, business tie-ups, and capital for strategic initiatives.
  • Representation of sellers throughout transaction due diligence, transaction structure and deal execution phases.
Buy-side advisory services include:

  • Preparation of market and sector scans.
  • Structured searches for acquisition targets and investment opportunities that are consistent with investor investment strategies and risk and return requirements.
  • Preparation of financial valuations and investment synergy analyses.
  • Representation throughout transaction due diligence, transaction structure, and deal execution phases.

Our Team

Our lead M&A specialist in Italyis our partner Federico Forchielli. He began his career in London at Gemini Consulting, an international management consulting company, now part of Ernst and Young. Federico is particularly active in project finance, corporate finance and family business. He is very familiar with the “Made in Italy”, Hotel and Tourism, Mechanics, and Mobility Industry.

Selected M&A transactions by ONEtoONE Italy

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