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ONEtoONE Belgium is a member of one of the leading international M&A Advisory Firms with a presence across +20 countries in 4 continents. We strive to find the best value counterpart with a global reach. For this reason, we endeavor to have a highly professional international team of specialists on the buy side and sell side M&A with experience on thousands of transactions.

With vast expertise and experience across industries and transaction types, ONEtoONE Belgium provides a broad spectrum of middle-market investment banking advisory services. We serve entrepreneurs, multinationals, private equity firms, and professional investors by providing in-depth financial and strategic analysis, identifying optimal potential transaction partners, developing creative deal structures, and negotiating complex cross-border transaction terms.  Our global network of partners allows us access to a wide range of market insights, buyers, and investment opportunities to provide in-depth financial and strategic analysis.


Brussels-Kraainem office


Mechelsesteenweg 455
B-1950, Brussels-Kraainem

Why do you need a valuation?

ONEtoONE performs high-quality valuations for sellers, buyers, holding companies and third parties. An accurate and comprehensive company valuation is very useful as it provides detailed information on the variables that underpin the value of a business. It also helps reflect the positive or negative impact of changes and adjustments in daily business on the value. In a corporate finance transaction, drawing up a valuation is a fundamental step in preparing a good negotiation to maximise company value. The valuation must be well-thought-out, logical, and based on solid figures and arguments.

A valuation is a key negotiation tool in the negotiation process. A clear, thorough valuation supports effective discussions and rational arguments with the interested counterpart(s).

  1. A valuation allows you to understand the true value range of your business.
  2. A valuation helps showcasing the strengths and weaknesses of your business, something especially important in the lead-up to a sales process.
  3. A valuation allows to better understand the variables which underpin the value and the impact potential synergies with the buyer might have on future value. It therefore allows to better capture the value of these synergies during negotiation.

You can learn the estimated value of your company now. A 15-minute questionnaire in which you answer a series of questions usually asked as part of valuation analysis. No technical or financial knowledge is required.

Based on the information you provide, our system provides you with a report reflecting the initial indication of the value of your business.

Main Services

Sell Side M&A

  • Core market research
  • Deal marketing
  • Buyer identification and contact
  • Due diligence support
  • Valuation
  • Transaction negotiation
  • Financing/ capital raising

Buy Side M&A

  • Core market research
  • Target identification
  • Target contact
  • Due diligence support
  • Valuation
  • Transaction negotiation
  • Financing/ capital raising

Fund Raising

  • Relationships throughout the lender and investor community
  • Regular dialogues with a large variety of financing sources
  • Story-oriented transactions
  • Competitive process
  • Listing sponsors in Europe and Asia

Strategic Advice

  • Valuations in connection with:
    • Mergers
    • Acquisitions
    • Private placement
    • Private/ Public partnership
  • Third-party fairness opinions
    • Independent
    • Unbiased opinions

Other Services

strategic alliancesWeb

Strategic Alliances and Joint Ventures


Corporate Refinancing


Business Plan Development




Fairness Opinions


Merger Planning and Execution


Capital Restructuring


Debt Restructuring

Our Team

Here is our team of seasoned M&A ONEtoONE Belgium office:

Alphabetical Listing of Our Dealmakers (Surname)

ONEtoONE Corporate Finance Belgium is Listing Sponsor for Alternext Brussels and Paris

Euronext is the leading Pan-European marketplace, Euronext’s ambition is to serve the real economy by bringing together buyers and sellers in venues that are transparent, efficient and reliable. Belgium team acted as Listing Sponsor on Euronext. The listing sponsor is a key player for companies and investors and the primary contact for Euronext. If you are thinking about it, do not hesitate and contact with our team.

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