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ONEtoONE UK is a member of a global M&A Advisory Firm specializing in buy-side and sell-side M&A. We help entrepreneurs, multinationals, private equity firms, and professional investors creating long-term tangible value in each investment.  Our success is finding optimal matches that create long-term value and deliver significant investment returns for every client.

Why we bring you value

At ONEtoONE we try to go beyond standard advisory services and make an effort to build client relationships based on our understanding of your goals, objectives, competitive operating landscape, and deal success expectations.

We work tirelessly to discover and approach suitable counterparties that will provide the most value to each client’s needs. We focus on developing strong relationships with people who share our values of integrity, honesty, and openness. This approach allows us to offer great service across our core offering of strategic growth guidance, target selection, valuation, due diligence, negotiation, and finance – all with a personal touch.

With dozens of M&A professionals in offices across four continents, ONEtoONE’s worldwide network allows the U.K. team to tap into extremely particular regional and sector experience. We use our global network of trustworthy specialists to discover the parties that are most suited to your strategic business ideas. These investors could be in Singapore, Prague, New Delhi, Miami, Mexico City, or Shanghai and ONEtoONE can help you get the best deal possible. Our key strength is our worldwide team’s seamless teamwork. It guarantees that you obtain the most up-to-date information, and access to, a wide range of market investors and opportunities.

Our expertise and vast knowledge help us understand our clients, industry and business. In order to understand your business, we select specific parameters that will increase the possibility of finding matches for your company. By doing so, we are being more time-efficient during the M&A process and will be able to complete a successful transaction in a shorter time frame. At ONEtoONE client trust and confidentiality is our priority.

Other services

Our core skillset and approach to working with clients allows us to help create and enhance business value, ensuring that any eventual terms agreed in a transaction will generate the best outcomes for all stakeholders within the business.

Our view on the UK market

As businesses begin to focus more and more on the post-pandemic world there is a renewed focus on M&A.

Buyers are very much back in the market. Many acquisitive corporates never really left the market, apart from pausing during Q2 and Q3 of 2020 to take stock of the impact of COVID on their businesses and their markets. They now see accelerating deal rates as their best option for restoring profit growth given that organic is likely to remain challenging.PE Funds still have eye-watering levels of “dry-powder” which they are under pressure to deploy through both new platform acquisitions and bolt-ons to existing portfolio businesses.

For all types of buyers, strategic investment decisions are being made with an eye beyond growth in revenue, margin, or market share. The COVID-19 pandemic and economic recession have served to accelerate structural business changes that have been evolving across the global market. Supply chain resilience, distributed workforce optimization, digitisation, skillset realignment, AI-infused business processes, and corporate end-to-end sustainability are a few of the areas where corporations are revamping operations and portfolio to meet the 21st century economy. Companies’ fundamental realignment of investment focus will likely remain through 2025.

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