Members of ONEtoONE are part of a consolidated group of Corporate Finance professionals, which are provided with our advanced support platform that incorporates unique, modern technology.

Our ONErs (Members of the ONEtoONE team) enjoy an unique tools that are designed to help reduce transaction time, whilst maximizing success rates and deal value.

This is revolutionary as ONErs can fully focus their efforts on closing deals, all whilst knowing that our dedicated support teams will be working hard simultaneously to assist them in attracting new clients and potential counterparts. In addition, ONEtoONE’s team maintains a common set of values and rules, which in turn aligns every individual member to the company’s vision. In combining these values with a truly global firm, ONEtoONE works as a family that sets its sights on leveraging each other’s strengths.

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Our mission is to provide our ONErs with access to a wide range of resources so that they can work with the latest technology, help their clients make better and more informed strategic decisions in a changing world, and grow as professionals within the ONEtoONE team; all with the help from the headquarters along every step of the way.

The ideal ONEr should be a team player, possess leadership skills, and share our passion for excellence.

If you want to know why you should become  a ONEr download the following document and fin out everything you need to know!


ONEtoONE is a unique M&A organization, which adopts a collaborative leadership style as a core element of the functioning of our organization. This allows us to achieve a high degree of flexibility as we are able to target a wider number of industries and countries.

As a ONEr, you will leverage our “Know-how” that has been developed and perfected over more than 15 years of experience, whilst also having access to the latest technology and support systems.

Our methodology, technology and ability to find the best counterparts for a mandate are our differentiating factors, and it is thanks to these that we have been able to participate in more than 1000 assignments worldwide.

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ONEtoONE has 7 core values that all ONERs must abide by, and in turn ensure that other ONERs are following at all times.

All ONErs must act in an ethical manner accross all professional aspects, and in turn work towards making sure that the organization follows the same principles that are defined by protecting the client’s interests.

All ONErs must apply confidentiality in all their professional relationships. ONErs must always request a qualified recipient to sign a NDA before proceeding to provide any documentation.

ONEtoONE’s mission is to “close all mandates”, and it is for this reason that tenacity and perseverance in search for coutnerparts become a critical element to achieve this goal for every ONEr.

ONErs must perform their job achieving a maximum level of quality. All products, services, or documents should meet with the quality criteria established by ONEtoONE.

All ONErs must constantly work towards capturing mandates, finding coutnerparties, and representing ONEtoONE through the quality of their interaction with the client and market.

ONErs must manage M.A.R.E.M, the process, and the level of service with maximum care and diligence, thefore providing an example for the organization.

ONErs must embrace ONEtoONE’s culture and should thus contribute towards creating a friendly, pleasant, and professional environment. Our organization promotes fairness, courtesy, and respect for others.

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