The middle-market M&A advisory firm that finds value where others can’t

There are many M&A advisory firms out there, so why put your trust in us? At ONEtoONE, we specialise on maximising the value of buy and sell side transactions in the mid-market sector. Through our unique tools and methodologies, developed by our highly experienced international team, we win our client’s trust from the very first moment. We make sure that our clients always feel in control of the acquisition or sale of their business – after all, it is their mandate.

Unique M&A methodology

To ensure that you find the best buyers and price for your business, we have developed a 10-step M&A methodology that has proven to be highly effective in the mid-market sector. We start each case by setting a clear first objective: To find at least three parties interested in your business within 60 days. Other traditional advisors stop looking once they find just one interested party; we do not. Let us walk you through how we do things differently.

A customized international team: just for you

We have more than 100 International M&A specialists working in multiple countries. For each M&A case, we create a unique team from our offices around the world to ensure that we have the best combination of resources working on your mandate.

Proprietary technology that puts you in control

At ONEtoONE, we have a unique tool that is available to our clients: Clarity. It allows you to download important materials related to your mandate securely, view details and results of each step of the process, while also being able to interact with our teams. This technology is the first of its kind in our sector, letting you retain control through every step of the process.

Extensive track record

Our team has a wealth of experience. We have advised hundreds of M&A deals, and we have been through it all – the good, the bad, and the ugly. As a result, you can be sure you are in safe hands. We have advised deals that cross sectors and national boundaries. You can trust us to utilize our financial and technical experience throughout M&A advisory, in association with our sectoral expertise, to make sure that your mandate is our next success.

The best business databases in the world

buy a company

ONEtoONE has specialized IT systems connected to the main business databases in the world. These systems use unique artificial intelligence algorithms that assist our teams in identifying the best opportunities for our clients’ requirements. Our teams of specialists are dedicated to the search of investors and buyers worldwide, allowing us to qualify the best buyers from all over the world.

100% connected: info, transparency, and confidentiality

The use of our Clarity application allows our clients to monitor the progress of their mandate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We believe this to be unique in the world of business buying and selling. Thanks to Clarity, our clients know in real-time the outcome of meetings with investors or companies. They can download all the documentation associated with their mandate, as well as interact with the team in charge of their case.

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