Selling a Business

You have spent a lifetime building your business from scratch with blood, sweat, and tears. Now, for whatever reason, you realize that it may be best to sell your business or find some new investors for it.

A well-designed business sale consumes a lot of resources and can be an extremely frustrating process. It is also a critical period in which the seller cannot take their eye off the performance of their business. Your business needs to appear at its best to those who are judging its value.

If you have not been through this process before, you can benefit from our detailed guidance and support. We will ensure that you are fully prepared and aware of all the relevant actions you will need to take during the sale of your company. In turn, you can feel confident that you will receive the maximum value for your firm. You will find out how to assess all of your sale options and follow the comprehensive ONEtoONE methodology that best explains how to sell a business.

We will make sure that you maximize the value of the business that you have spent years building. Our experienced team of International M&A advisors is waiting for you to put your trust in them.

The Process is completed in 3 phases, as shown below

A process designed for your business

The sale of your business is only going to happen once. It is a complex process. Things can and do go wrong, especially regarding financial and negotiating matters. Therefore, you must get support from real experts. To achieve the best price possible for your business is vital to be an expert in the field because without this experience you will hardly obtain the best results.

A well-designed business sale is exhausting, and, in many cases, frustrating process. It is also a critical period to ensure that the business appears at its best to those judging its value. That is why professional help in the process is key to the success of the transaction. We prevent you from making mistakes and greatly increase the likelihood of selling your business at the optimum price.

At ONEtoONE Corporate Finance, we have our methodology for finding possible buyers or associates for your business. It helps us find you the best buyer for your company, wherever they may be. You can see what we are doing at any time through an app and intervene at your convenience.

From the moment our clients contract our services, we put into action a structured process aimed at achieving the best price possible for the sale of their business.

Worldwide searches

Our specialized search team, backed up by international databases and analytical tools, can locate and contact over 100 businesses across the world in a single operation.

Our years of experience as advisors in the buying and selling of businesses have shown us that the best buyer does not have to be the most obvious or nearest one. Do not limit the sale of your business to one country or your nearest competitors.

16 reasons to sell your company

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