Merger advisory

A merger is a complex process which requires knowledge, coordination, and guidance of an expert in corporate transactions. At ONEtoONE, we have successfully advised on many mergers.  We have developed a specific methodology to tackle the risks and challenges inherent in merging companies and maximise the chances of success. The success of a merger calls for in-depth knowledge, as well as the coordination with multidisciplinary teams along with the merging entities. It is essential to involve the management team in the process so they can build rapport and establish the appropriate governance and working committees critical to success.

Join together for growth

To maximise synergies during the merger process, we apply a methodology that we have developed and refined during many years of experience in merger advisory:

Phase 1: We conduct a detailed study on all companies involved in the potential merger with the aim of choosing the optimal business and financial working methods for the new entity. Shareholders sign a framework agreement.

Phase 2: We restructure the companies legally if necessary, to separate business activities from Real Estate assets. The legal, fiscal, and financial framework agreements of the merger are approved.

Phase 3: Finally, to calculate the exchange ratio, we value the companies in accordance with commonly accepted methods.

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