Buying a business

There are no effective and accurate databases out there that allow you to find small- and middle-sized businesses for investment or acquisition. Furthermore, many such businesses are based in other countries, which makes them extra challenging to find.

If that is the case, you have come to the right place. We are experts in exactly this field: middle-market M&A. We have our own databases filled with small- and middle-sized businesses from all over the world that meet your criteria. For each deal, we create a team of corporate finance experts with a combination of financial, sectoral, and international experience so that you can find the best investment opportunity that aligns with your goals – and at the best price possible.

A business which makes yours stronger

Thanks to our search and analysis methodology, we find those opportunities with the best fit and most potential synergies and set them up to compete with each other. This competition strengthens our negotiating power.

Once the targets are agreed, we help you to structure the purchase of the business, negotiate the economic and non-economic terms, confirm that you are acquiring the ideal business and that there is a sufficient upside for value creation.

Worldwide searches

buy a company

If you want to invest in a company with specific characteristics, our geographical and worldwide reach allows us to comb the market in search of the ideal businesses.

By applying our target search methodology, we can locate the ideal business, wherever it may be. Our work is backed up by powerful international databases together with our dedicated research teams and industry experts. All this to locate the business you want.

Negotiating the acquisition

In negotiations over the acquisition of a business, there are many elements to resolve: the price, the legal terms, the guarantees, the non-competition agreement, which shares are to be sold, whether real estate forms a part of the deal, if there is an earn-out (payment according to results), whether the seller will continue to receive a salary, the period of transition during which they continue to work for the business, means of payment, how to sell the operation to the general public, what happens to the employees, etc.

Experience in how to manage these variables is vital – thankfully here at ONEtoONE, we have lots of it.

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