ONEtoONE supports companies in their credit restructuring, negotiating with creditors, and divesting assets to revitalize their economic position

For this purpose, we prepare the financial and business plan called IBR (Independent Business Review) to structure the company’s resources adequately. We carry out an analysis identifying the level and type of sustainable debt, reordering the company’s liabilities, coordinating the information flows, and negotiating with financial entities and creditors until we achieve satisfactory terms and conditions for the parties.

Debt restructuring processes are highly demanding as the negotiation is usually carried out simultaneously with multiple financial entities. It is essential to elaborate a solid and convincing financial plan that allows the design and negotiation of a refinancing proposal accepted by the economic entities. For this purpose, ONEtoONE’s IBR plan is perfect for your company.

Why does your company need financial restructuring?

Not approaching the debt restructuring with enough time has led many companies to insolvency and closure. These are processes that demand experience and in which, on many occasions, the company risks its continuity. The expertise of ONEtoONE Corporate Finance in these processes has been decisive for many companies. If you need help with your company’s refinancing or need advice, do not hesitate to contact us, ONEtoONE is here to help you and your company.

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