As ONEtoONE continues to grow, the company will change and develop in various ways, but the one thing that will never change will be our core values, as these represent the way in which  we do business and our compromise with our client. You can access to our Code of Conduct by clicking on the following link.

Our values:


Ethics is the basis of our work. As professional advisors we are proud to be able to recommend the best solutions to our clients by working to achieve our clients´s best interest and not ours in any transaction.  We want to work with ethical people.


ONEtoONE has a methodology, process and level of service that works in line with the highest standards of professionalism, effectiveness, and confidentiality of the company.

From the moment the client hires our services, a clearly structured process begins. This process is designed to obtain the greatest possible value for our client.


As an independent company, ONEtoONE can allow for agility and flexibility in its decision making process and, as there is no conflict of interest, ONEtoONE can work in complete alignment with the client´s interests.


In ONEtoONE we take extra care with the privacy and confidentiality of all the parties involved in a transaction, as this allows us to create value for our clients while mantaining and preserving our clients´ best interests.

A Great Team

By having a wide range of professionals working for us, we are able to create specific teams for each operation. These teams are compiled by investment bankers, corporate finance advisors, and industry experts, all of whom are professionals in their respective fields.

Corporate Social Responsibility

In ONEtoONE, we are concerned with social issues, with the environment and with the economy. We make it our priority to contribute towards improving these in our every day decisions and in our operations. For us,  corporate social responsibility is about operating in a way that is respectable towards our staff and our clients; ONEtoONE implements high ethical standards when conducting its M&A activity in the mid market,  is  respectful towards the environment, and supportive of the international community in which it operates.

In our commitment to corporate social responsibility, ONEtoONE strives to:

  • Establish policies that ensure the health and safety of all employees and inform its employees about these policies.
  • Provide training opportunities and mentoring to maximize promotion from within the organization.
  • Encourage a healthy workplace.
  • Ensure that ONEtoONE´s staff is aware and respectful of policies against discrimination in hiring, salary, promotion, training or termination of any employee on the basis of gender, race, age, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation or religion.
  • Check where products are manufactured and look into any associated human rights concerns prior to engaging in any operation.
  • Offer quality work experience and internships for students and graduates.
  • Reduce consumption of energy, water and other natural resources.
  • Use video-conferencing whenever possible to meet potential clients rather than always physically travelling to meetings.