If you are looking to sell

We find the best investor, the one willing to pay the most for your business

120 million businesses, 8,000 private equity funds and 50,000 Family Offices. With so many options, how can you identify the best investor for your business? ONEtoONE finds and negotiates with the best possible investors for your company, those who not only have the ability to buy your business, but also pay the most for it. Conversely, if you are interested in acquiring a company, we help you find the company that will create the greatest synergies for your business.


If you are looking to buy

We help buyers locate the best target companies in the world

We help buyers locate the best target companies in the world thanks to our research and analysis methodology. We are able to locate the targets that best fit our clients in order to maximize potential synergies, and to set them up to compete with competitors by strengthening negotiation power. Our work is backed by powerful international databases, which, combined with our research team, multinational team of advisors, and cross-sectoral expertise, allows us to help you find the businesses you really want to open communication with.



An international team, 100% focused on achieving your goal

The ONEtoONE team has seniority and can rely on resources for analysis and search which are totally inaccessible to other advisors. Thanks to the combination of knowledge, experience, methodology and technology, ONEtoONE is currently the best possible advisor in Mergers & Acquisitions to help you buy or sell a business.

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Worldwide M&A

Our international team finds the best investor for your business

Finding the investor with the best fit for your company is not easy, but what is even harder to find, is an investor who is able to pay the most for your business and get it to compete against the other possible investors. This is our speciality. Does your advisor have direct access to the main international investors? Do they have offices in the major cities?

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ONEtoONE has worked in more than 1000 Mergers & Acquisitions assignments on a worldwide basis, acquiring invaluable experience which can be applied to your transaction.


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Do you know what a teaser or an info memo are? These are terms you should know if you want to sell your business in a structurized and professional process

  • You can sell your business and stay as owner

    There are times where it is not worth selling the whole company. This can be done through an Owners Buy-Out (OBO). There have been many cases where only selling a minority share has led to the company owner getting more money than he would have got selling the majority share. It is also an interesting […]

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    How to accurately calculate a company’s value
    The Value of Nothing – How to accurately calculate a company’s value

    Words from one of Oscar Wilde’s plays, Lady Windemere’s Fan, have often come to mind during my 25 years in finance and business. Wilde writes about two 19th century upper-class Englishmen discussing the intrinsic nature of short-sightedness and cynicism: Mr. Cecil Graham asks, “What is a Cynic?” Lord Darlington replies, “A man who knows the […]

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    If your profitability is decreasing, react before it´s too late

    The company sees how its margins are getting stretched and each time it becomes more difficult to generate profits. It is a medium sized company that can’t benefit from the same economies of scale and other advantages of large companies yet it doesn’t have the flexibility of smaller companies either. The owner is conscious that […]

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  • onetoone-advised-descours & cabaud acquisition
    Descours & Cabaud acquires SELA: ONEtoONE advised the deal

    French group Descours & Cabaud has acquired SELA, a Galician company specializing in job security integral solutions. This is its second corporate acquisition in Spain. The first one was carried out in July 2016 when  Descours & Cabaud acquired the Cantabrian company Helios Dica. SELA distrubutes and sells personal protection equipment and work clothes and […]

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    When you lie selling your business

    Every buyer needs to know a company’s real situation via an auditing process and it is vital that this process covers the financial aspects as well as the legal aspects, labor aspects, etc. We are talking about the due diligence process that any sensible person will complete before buying a company. Traditionally, due diligence is […]

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    Beware of the buyer who attacks your advisor

    If you sell a business, I warn you that buyers know that advisors play a very relevant role for the seller and there are some who will try to bypass them and speak directly to the company owner. This way, they manage to get as much information as they think useful or they even manage […]

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