We find the best investor, the one willing to pay the most for your business

120 million businesses, 8,000 private equity funds and 50,000 Family Offices. With so many options, how can you identify the best investor for your business? ONEtoONE finds and negotiates with the best possible investors for your company, those who not only have the ability to buy your business, but also pay the most for it. Conversely, if you are interested in acquiring a company, we help you find the company that will create the greatest synergies for your business.



An international team, 100% focused on achieving your goal

The ONEtoONE team has seniority and can rely on resources for analysis and search which are totally inaccessible to other advisors. Thanks to the combination of knowledge, experience, methodology and technology, ONEtoONE is currently the best possible advisor in Mergers & Acquisitions to help you buy or sell a business.

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Our international team finds the best investor for your business

Finding the investor with the best fit for your company is not easy, but what is even harder to find, is an investor who is able to pay the most for your business and get it to compete against the other possible investors. This is our speciality. Does your advisor have direct access to the main international investors? Do they have offices in the major cities?

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ONEtoONE has worked in more than 1000 Mergers & Acquisitions assignments on a worldwide basis, acquiring invaluable experience which can be applied to your transaction.


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Do you know what a teaser or an info memo are? These are terms you should know if you want to sell your business in a structurized and professional process

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    Binding Offer or Letter of Intent

    Have you ever heard about a formal agreement that guarantees same intentions on both sides? In M&A, they call it binding offer. This offer, as I said before, will guarantee you in a formal way that the intention of your counterpart is the same as yours. When someone is going to buy a company, he […]

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    Many M&A “advisors” are not effective

    It is normal for a business owner who thinks about selling his company to be afraid of hiring advisors. It is a key decision, there is a lot on the line, and many things are going through his head: “Are they really going to fight for my best interest? Do they really have a large […]

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    If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys

    When a businessman decides to sell his company, he is most likely facing the most important business decision of his life. It is the moment where all the value that has been created throughout the company’s life can finally be appreciated. The buyer usually has very prepared advisors who have lots of experience in business, […]

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    Beware of the shark´s kiss

    Private equities have many techniques to get what they want. They are manufacturers: they manufacture money, buying cheap and selling expensive, so beware. Don’t only negotiate with one private equity firm; prepare alternatives, whether they be private equity or other buyers and investors. If you only negotiate with one, you will lose your negotiating power. The sale […]

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