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ONEtoONE Argentina is part of one of the leading international M&A Advisory Firms with a presence across 16 countries in 4 continents. ONEtoONE Corporate Finance strives to find the best value counterpart with a global reach. For this reason, we endeavor to have a highly professional international team of specialists on the buy side and sell side M&A with experience on more than a thousand transactions.

With practice groups focused on over 20 industries, we have an unmatched depth and breadth that spans from partnering with multinationals, private equity firms, other investor groups and business owners.  In taking a strategic, holistic consultative approach, we bring unequalled access to buyers and sellers to create the best possible “win-win” deals that maximize value for our clients.


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Buenos Aires

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Economic Outlook

Argentina’s path recovery has been comprised of focusing on reinstituting the country into the world, solidifying economic fundamentals and improving the business environment.1 Solid results from a decade of new era economic development were best showcased already by 2017 with over $6 billion USD of Knowledge-Based Services becoming Argentina’s 2nd largest export.2 The depreciation of Argentina’s nominal exchange rate in the first semester of 2018 has further created a more attractive and competitive Global Trade Landscape. This has now enabled focusing on much broader, comprehensive economic development across other industries that now includes products. Investor sentiment has been strengthening in growing by 11.3% from 2016-2017, while Argentina’s economy is expected to rebound to a 2.7% annual growth by 2020.3

Market Access Opportunity

Argentina was ranked the sixth country in the top 10 Latin American targets for cross-border M&A deals between 2012-2017, with deal values over the period totaling $7,104 million.4   Significant upside growth opportunities exist across industries with the country further serving as a global or regional platform, integrating into local, Mercosur, other regional and global value chains, and increasing design, digitalization, innovation, and R&D.  Manufacturing has been the long-standing top driver of value-add economic output, having a well-developed, diversified base.  Food is the biggest sector, complemented by Apparel, Footwear & Textiles, Automotive & Parts Suppliers, Cosmetics, Equipment, Machinery & Tools, Pharmaceutical Laboratories, Packaging and Toys.5 While Argentina is the region’s second largest exporter, nearly 75% of production has been destined to the domestic market.C  Retail growth lies in increased regional and global expansion of its existing base of boutique apparel and food that leverage Argentina’s cosmopolitan lifestyle and market.  Knowledge-Based Services and Tourism are benefitting immensely from the currency depreciation. Agriculture’s core is recovering, with Argentina also now becoming a leader in organics.  Natural resource sectors including Forestry, Mining, Oil & Gas and Renewable Energy are all in early stages of development and have the makings of becoming globally eminent.

Sources: 1. World Bank (2018),  Strengthening Argentina’s Integration into the Global Economy;  2. INDEC-National Institute of Statistics and Census (Argentina); 3. (2019) Argentina Economy – GDP, Inflation, CPI and Interest Rate. 4. Baker McKenzie (2019). A Buyers´ guide to M&A in Latin America; 5. Argentine Foreign Investment & Trade Agency.

Main Services

Sell Side M&A

  • Core market research
  • Deal marketing
  • Buyer identification and contact
  • Due diligence support
  • Valuation
  • Transaction negotiation
  • Financing/ capital raising

Buy Side M&A

  • Core market research
  • Target identification
  • Target contact
  • Due diligence support
  • Valuation
  • Transaction negotiation
  • Financing/ capital raising

Fund Raising

  • Relationships throughout the lender and investor community
  • Regular dialogues with a large variety of financing sources
  • Story-oriented transactions
  • Competitive process
  • Listing sponsors in Europe and Asia

Strategic Advice

  • Valuations in connection with:
    • Mergers
    • Acquisitions
    • Private placement
    • Private/ Public partnership
  • Third-party fairness opinions
    • Independent
    • Unbiased opinions

Other Services

strategic alliancesWeb

Strategic Alliances and Joint Ventures


Corporate Refinancing


Business Plan Development




Fairness Opinions


Merger Planning and Execution


Capital Restructuring


Debt Restructuring

Our Team

Our M&A ONEtoONE Argentina leadership team is comprised of Latin American specialists, each having over 30 years experience that started out on the client side with careers that quickly progressed and evolved into advisory and consulting.  By leveraging a multidisciplinary approach and their strategic savvy, experience and finesse, we provide unparalleled advisory and transparency that bridges the best of both hemispheres to orchestrate “win-win” deals.

Selected M&A transactions by ONEtoONE Argentina

Advice on sale

The sale of Megaflex, Argentina’s award-winning, world class supplier of sealing products, systems and solutions and leading exporter within Latin America to Saint Gobain was completed. Saint-Gobain designs, manufactures and distributes materials and solutions which are key ingredients in the wellbeing of each of us and the future of all. Megaflex is an exemplary “LatCo” (Latin American Company) due to their innovative portfolio, patented products, award winning marketing and social responsibility programs and management team.

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