Avoid mistakes when negotiating the sale of your company
with the second volume of our 3-part e-book series!

Understanding how to enter into negotiations means knowing how to pay attention to your potential buyers, especially what is not being said in the room. This phase is essential to the success of the transaction, so knowing the variables to consider when choosing a buyer or knowing your role in the process will be critical factors in getting the highest possible price for your company.

Avoid errors at the time of negotiation

Negotiation is a very sensitive process in which it is essential to find a balance between the interests of all parties.

To help you successfully complete this phase, we present the second part of our e-book series: Mistakes in selling your company. From the ways you value your company, to negotiating payment methods, to dealing with buyers, we show you what mistakes to avoid in this crucial phase.

Find out what errors you should avoid during the negotiation phase

In your attention to the company

Accionistas 2

With the shareholders

With the documentation

Differences between subjective and objective value

With the payment methods

Download part 2: "Errors in the sale of the company. The negotiation",
and avoid the main errors when negotiating the sale of your company.

Errors in the negotiation

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Find out what error to avoid when preparing your business for sale

Selling your company is one of the most important decisions you will make as an entrepreneur. The price you will get for your company will depend on how well it is prepared. Making errors in preparation can diminish the value of your company.

Do you know what elements to take into account when preparing it?

To keep you informed on how to avoid errors during the preparation of your company for sale, we have prepared an e-book with all the information you need. Analyse all aspects of your company, improve and stabilise the areas that need it without making false steps.

Find out what errors to avoid during the preparation of your company

At ONEtoONE we have produced a series of 3 e-books about the errors that can be made during the different phases of the sale of a company. In the first part, “Errors in the sale of the company: The preparation”, we have compiled the most common mistakes that we have seen committed by sellers who have been poorly advised. Download our e-book now and avoid the typical mistakes of this first phase.

Lack of preparation

Importance of good preparation prior to sale

Errors in the when

Identifying the right time to sell

Errors in the why

Be clear about the reasons why you are selling.

Errors in the how

Analyse the driving elements of your business and correct where necessary.

Errors in the with whom

Benefits of having the right advisor

Download part 1: "Errors in the sale of the company. The preparation",
and avoid the main errors when preparing your company for sale.

Errors in the preparation

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To avoid errors during the preparation of your company, we have prepared a checklist for you to complete every step of the process.