A company is much more than numbers

Your company is not just about its products, services and balance sheets. You, who built it and watched it grow, know this better than anyone. Thanks to your efforts, you created your company, but also much more. You were able to create a family. You didn’t just build a company. You built a life.

Yesterday, today...
and tomorrow?

Thanks to your vision, many lives have prospered. How many jobs have you created? How much has your efforts benefited your community? How many families have members who have grown because of your business? It is time to retire, how can you continue so many stories?

Rely on others
to carry on the story

A company is everything it has cost to build. You know that better than anyone. To secure your legacy and the reward for all that effort, you must find the right buyer. By surrounding yourself with the best team of advisors, you can realise the fruit of a lifetime’s work and ensure the continuity of your vision.

Relax consolidating the best
future for your company

You have embarked on a path that no one else has travelled before. Now you have reached the finish line, but there may still be new horizons for your company. The right buyer can bring synergies that improve your services, diversify production and open up new markets. Your company’s story can continue and grow.

Life is marked by those first times, the sale of your company will also be one of them. It can be the beginning of the rest of your story and one more milestone in the chapters that make it up.

ONEtoONE helps you to create your best memory, find out how in just one click!

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About ONEtoONE

ONEtoONE Corporate Finance has offices in Europe, the United States, Latin America and Asia. We are a global group, expert guides in advising on the sale and purchase of companies like yours. All our human and technological resources, databases, experience and processes are focused on helping you in the strategic journey of the sale of your company, to get the maximum price, to consolidate your legacy, so you can focus on what really matters to you in this new stage of your life. We want to share your story and be part of it.

We want to know your story and be part of it, are you ready, it’s your time, we are here to help you!