Today is the first day of the rest of your life.
You decide how to spend it.

Entrepreneurs have many different reasons for selling their company. Each owner has his particular motive. However, we can divide these into three
main groups: personal, family and economic motives. The truth is that normally these reasons are combined, and it is always a hard decision for the entrepreneur.
At ONEtoONE Corporate Finance, we would like to help you with this challenging decision, and therefore, we bring you the most common reasons
for the sale of companies, together with real cases. Entrepreneurs are telling you their motives for selling their business.


You have reached retirement age, so you want to retire, reaping the fruits of your labor. Give yourself peace of mind during the years when you will appreciate it the most.


In case of an unexpected illness, recovery becomes priority. You shouldn’t have to choose between your health and the effort of running a business.

New projects

New dreams and aspirations arise in life. You can get the freedom to go for them.

Actual crisis

If there is a situation that has challenged the world’s economy and has provoked many company sales and mergers, it was the actual crisis of the Coronavirus.

Decreasing profitability

You can anticipate other competitors who are leaving the sector and decide not to be the last to do so. Choosing the right time is to get the most out of the sale.

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The most difficult decision in the life of an entrepreneur

Selling a business is a difficult decision for all entrepreneurs, regardless of the reason for the sale. Business owners want the best for their companies. They work hard for years to achieve the goals and satisfy customers, as well as partners and employees. However, most entrepreneurs have to make this decision not only for their future of the business but for themselves as well.

Advisors of ONEtoONE help their clients throughout the sales process, identifying the best buyer, the one who can pay the most.

How to sell a company

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