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ONEtoONE U.S.A. is a member of a global M&A Advisory Firm specializing in buy-side and sell-side M&A. We take pride in helping entrepreneurs, multinationals, private equity firms, and professional investors create long-term tangible value in each investment.  Our success is finding optimal matches that create long-term value and deliver significant investment returns for every client.

Why We Bring You Value

We go beyond the traditional advisory services, by establishing client relationships based on our understanding your goals, objectives, the competitive operating landscape, and expectations for deal success. We take extra steps to make sure we find the counterparty that will deliver the greatest benefit to each client’s offering. Client satisfaction and business success are paramount because we look to engage with clients throughout their business lifecycle. We nurture close relationships with people who believe, as we do, in integrity, honesty, and transparency. We are a one-stop-shop, providing strategic growth advice, target identification, valuation, due diligence, negotiation, and financing – all with a personal touch.

ONEtoONE’s global reach, with dozens of M&A experts in offices stretching across four continents, enables the U.S. team to tap into very specific regional and industry expertise. Investors that most value your offering may be in Singapore, Prague, New Delhi, Miami, Mexico City, or Shanghai. We leverage our network of trusted professionals in each world region to identify the parties that most value your strategic business proposition. Seamless collaboration across our global team is an ONEtoONE core strength. It ensures you get the exact expertise on, and access to, diverse marketplace investors and opportunities.

Checking rationale and decisions throughout the M&A process leads to clearer understanding of why a certain type of company or investor would be the best match. We ask “Why” to constantly validate assumptions, avoid wasted effort, explore better deal options, and sustain deal focus.

We hold experiential and empirical insight into current and future industry trends, their enabling technologies, and inter-dependent industries. This insight dramatically heightens the value ceiling of any deal. We leverage our industry knowledge, and that of our ONEtoONE experts network, to build a set of optimal investment candidates for each client.

We apply our understanding of client goals, industry, and corporate network to enrich our research. Rather than waste time trawling with a broad net, we research possible matches using numerous, very-specific filter parameters. This technique allows us to find superior matches, more quickly.

We are mindful that M&A success depends on people to embrace and support implementation – before and after the deal. A phenomenally successful M&A deal will improve the lives of people. As it should. Applying the previous five facets helps us create and expand deal value. Ensuring deal terms support and nurture the client company’s greatest value asset, its people, will sustain deal value for the long-term horizon.

Applying the previous six facets helps us create and expand deal value. Ensuring deal terms support and nurture the client company’s greatest value asset, its people, will sustain deal value for the long-term horizon

We take pride in the value we convey to each client. To continually improve, we try to ensure our industry expertise and fundraising resources align with our clients’ industries, technologies, and markets. In addition to our Buy and Sell M&A services, we specialize in multiple industries and have ample experience in strategy execution.

ONEtoONE U.S.A. has offices located throughout the United States and its territories (Puerto Rico and the United States Virgin Islands), helping bridge business opportunities among the Americas.  We are ready to serve your needs with our local insight and powerful network of trusted partners in each region of the world -from Asia, India, and Europe to the United States, the Caribbean, Central and South America.

Our View of the US M&A Market

Transformational M&A is the priority within a new global business landscape

The M&A boom of 2019 has turned uncertain in 2020. But, there are islands of strong investment activity. M&A investments will be more centered on emerging technologies that enable corporate transformations or entry into new market formations. Strategic investment decisions will be made with an eye beyond growth in revenue, margin, or market share. The COVID-19 pandemic and economic recession have served to accelerate structural business changes that have been evolving across the global market. Supply chain resilience, distributed workforce optimization, skillset realignment, AI-infused business processes, and corporate end-to-end sustainability are a few of the areas where corporations are revamping operations and portfolio to meet the 21st century economy. Companies’ fundamental realignment of investment focus will likely remain through 2025.

Our US Team

Main Services

Sell Side M&A

Core market research
Deal marketing
Buyer identification and contact
Due diligence support
Transaction negotiation
Financing/ capital raising

Buy Side M&A

Core market research
Target identification
Target contact
Due diligence support
Transaction negotiation
Financing/ capital raising

Fund Raising

Relationships throughout the lender and investor community
Regular dialogues with a large variety of financing sources
Story-oriented transactions
Competitive process
Listing sponsors in Europe and Asia

Strategic Advice

Valuations in connection with:
Private placement
Private/ Public partnership
Third-party fairness opinions
Unbiased opinions

Other Services

strategic alliancesWeb

Strategic Alliances and Joint Ventures


Corporate Refinancing


Business Plan Development




Fairness Opinions


Merger Planning and Execution


Capital Restructuring


Debt Restructuring

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