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Vicente Bosque has a degree in Chemical Sciences from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Master's degree in Quantitative Methods and Finance from the EOI, PADE from IESE Business School and has a diploma from the Institute of Political Sciences. He has 30 years experience in top level executive positions in companies with diverse shareholder structures: multinational companies, cooperatives and in recent years in family businesses.

He has wide experience in business development processes as restructuring, launch of new businesses, consolidations, "joint ventures" and development of "spin offs", mergers and acquisitions of companies or business units in various countries and sectors. Furthermore, this wide range of experience reaches across several industries such as retail, food processing and hospitality.

He has also served in top management positions as CEO in Gastón y Daniela (1997/09) and Calidad Pascual (1992/97).

Since joining ONEtoONE in 2010, Vicente has acted as a driving force in closing deals across a variety of sectors including indutrial, manufacturing, services and agriculture. His participation in closing deals in such a variety of sectors has consistently contributed to the overall success and growth of ONEtoONE.


Senior Business Management Program (PADE), IESE Business School, Spain
Master in Quantitative Methods and Finance, School of Industrial Organization (EOI), Spain
Degree in Political Science, Institute of Political Studies, Spain
Bachelor of Chemical Sciences, Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM), Spain


Partner, ONEtoONE Corporate Finance
CEO, Gaston y Daniela
CEO, Pascual de Aranda
Commercial Director, Grupo Cooperativo Coren
Sales Director, Industrias Reviilla (Unilever)

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Spain (ES)

Sector Expertise

Agriculture, livestock and fishing
Accommodation services
Madrid office


Zurbarán 7, 1st floor
28010, Madrid


Retail, consumer goods, Food & Beverage, Food Services, Chemicals, Textile, Hospitality & Leisure, Compound Feed & Pet Food, Livestock and meat processing, Business Services & Business Process Outsourcing

Advised Deal

Advice on buying

ONEtoONE has advised Destino Holdings on its acquisition of Doblemente. Founded by Eddie Lubbers, Destino Holdings is a platform for acquiring companies with strong technical and business fundamentals to empower inbound tourism through technology solutions. Eddie Lubbers is a pioneer in the digitalisation of travel and tourism. He will apply his experience to the Spanish market with the aim of global expansion. Eddie Lubbers states: “We believe that the future of travel planning and booking is inbound - with local tour operators who sell directly from their destination.” Doblemente is a Spanish company founded in Alcoy in 2002 by D.Pau Ferri. Through its booking system, more than 1 billion euros in bookings have been managed, and more than 11 million passengers have successfully booked. Doblemente has achieved a stable portfolio of clients including: Viajes Baqueira Beret, Grandvalira, Ineedtours and other clients in destinations in Spain, Latin America and Europe. As part of Destino Holdings, Doblemente will invest to incorporate new functionalities to its product, as well as expand services in promotion and sales. Expansion with new customers in destinations in Spain and America is planned.

Advice on sale

The Spanish company, Industrias Català S.A. (Incasa), dedicated to the manufacture of MDD detergents, has acquired 100% of the shares of the detergents company, Casado Quality Products S.A. in an operation advised by ONEtoONE Corporate Finance, on behalf of the seller. On behalf of the buyer, Compas Professional Expertise and ACTIVA-AC acted as advisors.

Private Placement

ONEtoONE's team advised the company Kiriko in the process of internal shareholder restructuring. The group founded in 1965 and dedicated to the manufacture of cleaning products for the hohar and industry has clients that allow it to have national and international presence.

Advice on buying

ONEtoONE advised Tessi in the acquisition of the Spanish company BPO Solutions. BPO Solutions is based in Madrid and employs 280 people. Specialising in BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) and an expert in value-added customer relationship management, primarily for banks and insurance companies, BPO Solutions offers its customers innovative solutions enabling them to control productivity and optimise costs.

Advice on sale

Tessi acquired a 100% interest in Graddo Grupo Corporativo S.L. and its subsidiaries. Graddo, a family-owned company based in Madrid, which specialises in processing documents and means of payment, reported revenues of €15.5 million in 2013 with similar operating margins to those of Tessi documents services.

Private Placement

ONEtoONE advised to Pascual Group in the sell of Pascual Egg production farms. Finally an Italian Group, Eurovo, bought the assets and agreed with Pascual to a joint venture based on co-production and development of a certain products.

Advice on sale

ONEtoONE Corporate Finance was the advisor of La Quinta Group. La Quinta has signed an agreement for the transfer of the Hotel La Quinta and La Quinta Golf & Country Club to Phoenix, a Chilean company.

Advice on buying

Urakas incorporate their capital as a partner to August Navarro, former director of Puig, in a deal that will boost its activity in the business of perfumery Spanish fashion brand. Navarro has acquired 60% equity of the company thanks to advice from ONEtoONE Corporate Finance. Urakas is a group dedicated to the development and marketing of fragrances relying on licensing agreements leading names in the fashion world, among which Devout & Lomba, Roberto Torretta and Miriam Ocariz.

Private Placement

ONEtoONE advised Ka Internacional, a decoration company, on the sale of 90% to Sherpa Capital equity fund. The purchase involved a capital increase by Sherpa Capital that succeeded in strengthening the company's balance sheet. Thanks to the operation, the company was able to develop its expansion plan and position itself as international market leader. Sherpa Capital's new business plan for Ka International, was based on four pillars: development of a strategic growth plan to strengthen the relationship with the firm's own stores and franchised stores, the launch of new products as a value proposition in the market, national and international acquisition opportunities, and operational and commercial improvements.

Advice on sale

Bergtrom Inc., American company leader in the design and supply of HVAC systems for commercial vehicles, has acquired 100% of the commercial vehicle air conditioning business line of the Spanish company Dirna SA SA. During the operation, Dirna benefitted from the international advisory services of ONEtoONE Corporate Finance under the direction of Héctor Lumbreras, partner of the firm. The new business was acquired by Bergtrom will be marketed through Dirna Bergtrom SLU. Grupo Bergtrom has over 50 years' experience and is present worldwide